Monday, October 31, 2011


Even though iDont celebrate pagan holidays its still holloween in this b@tch & iDo luv I give to you Freddie Gibbs new mixtape "A Cold Day In Hell" if the cover doesnt frighten you maybe the muzik will..#EVL
The tape actually features Jeezy (of course), juicy j and a gang of other features..I'm actually checking it out as i write this so get your DL on G! #SHOTTA

Sunday, October 30, 2011

@CSHOT | #SmokedOutSundays fix [#mixtape]

U Dunn know...its #SmOkeDoutSunDaYs fool!!!! Smoke 1 with your brejrin @CSHOT


Miami's mayor Trick Daddy $$$$$ is back w/ a wicked "Ni**az in Dade" freestyle of Ni**az in Paris...Good to see that boy trick comN back spittN wicked this freestyle #crayyy....could trick be coming out w/ a new tape..iGuess we'll see....

P.S. about to smoke some white widow & throw on & remininisce when I was a git...iLuv that album...#SHOTTA

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Azaelia Banks *212* #new hype

I think her name is pronounced like the flower? *shrugs* (according to her the Twitter it’s pronounced, “AH-ZEE-LEE-YAH”), but this song is weird but dope to me for some reason. I think a new star might be born, chick is cute & the hook is catchy as fuck and slightly ratchet as hell so it most likely will be the shit all the lil chix are poppN xanez & aderolls 2 (watch N see). Luv her lil single art she's cute! The Harlem native’s Broke With Expensive Taste is dropping in December.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Day @ a Time....

since joebudden wants to hate on 2 chainz new single "One Day @ a time" featuring Jadakiss b/c he's a mad battle rapper...I must post the no dj version b/c I personally think joe budden is a cigarette away from lung cancer b/c he raps R like he's "dying"...Seriously the track is wicked & so R the rhymez so why the hate lil joey...We bump 2 chainz down south not Slaughterhouse...I mean on some real s#it have you ever heard your brejrin or sistren jump in the whip & ask to pump slaughterhouse or mood muzik??? worse "pump it Up" (taps feet waiting)... the only people that jam that still live in their moms basement...if any word to your beats headphones :-)

TRu ReAligion 11.1.11


"too much schoolboy...not enough rudeboy"!!!!
I swear i'm gonna get CSHOT w/ Pusha T their styles R dyin to blend even pusha wants it & he doesn't even know about C yet!
Pusha T lets loose one of the few unheard tracks off his upcoming Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray EP, dropping November 8th.."What dreams R made of"...track is f@ckN wicked this EP is gonna be a good 1 i can feel it...#PUSH"

Monday, October 24, 2011

The WeeknD..House of Balloons

Its not because I met Abel when he was git that I'm blogging about the new mania over "The Weeknd" its because his muzik is #WICKED! Even Drake knows it thats why he raped I'm on one from Weeknd's trust issues (i'll post it below too).. His sound is melow even if your not on Aderolls & a spliff I promise the melodies and singing are quite unique. I think you can tell by my posts I'm not the biggest R&B fan but H.O.B goes & the chix luv it so thats another plus for you guys. Its a 9 song EP that will surely have you wondering where can you get more. Did I mention that he also wrote 4 songs on Drakes new joint "Take Care" ($$$$$$) Anyway his official version of House Of Balloons is soon to come but until ya go!

House Of Balloons tracklist & link below:

01 High For This
02 What You Need
03 House Of Balloons – Glass Table Girls
04 The Morning
05 Wicked Games
06 The Party & The After Party
07 Coming Down
08 Loft Music
09 The Knowing


Trust Issues...

*your welcome*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

CSHOT presents "Fly with Me" 11.11.11

WORD UP! CSHOT is back again with a new mixtape LP "Fly with Me" 11.11.11...Yalll are really sleeping on CSHOT to this point & I think he's starting to take it personally. As an independent artist he's releasing muzik like he's on a major on some real shit. For some reason though he has promised us that "Fly with Me" is arguably his best work to date. Thats major considering I fuck w/ em all except for 1 *shrugs* but thats a great average if I do say so myself...hell I hate a lotta the rappers out now but who gives a s#it...right? He's got production from super producers "The Olympicks", Ribah on the Beat, Don Cannon, Supa Dups and the list continues...I hear there's even a gucci mane collabo which I wanna hear but I guess whenever he get around to sending it *taps feet waiting*

Anyway FLy With Me 11.11.11 on and the singles are supposed to be in my inbox tomorrow so i'll post it when I get it! #SHOTTA

P.S. artwork looks dope!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm kinda tight that my only reason for turning the flatscreen source to something other than HD is finally coming to a close after the enormous thrill ride of Season 4. All good things must & will come to an end & Breaking Bad is no exception but it did end w/ some surprises that I'm sure everybody could enjoy & a surprise ending that nobody could've predicted. I'm lighting this dutch as I type for jesse pinkman & walter white #BEST SHOW ON TV *i fux w/ yall heavy* #SHOTTA