Friday, August 31, 2012

NaS...ByE BaBy


Max B MuRDeR CoNViCtioN upheld #DAMN

Stunting to the max, ain’t so wavy. After an ongoing battle, an appeals court upheld the murder conviction of Max B in New Jersey this afternoon. The Harlem rapper was convicted in 2009 for orchestrating a 2006 murder and robbery. Max is currently held at the Trenton State Prison until 2042. DamN!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

MR. MF ExQUiRe...PoSiTioN oF PaSSiON

FoReVeRFLy TV RePoRT...sadLy CHRiS LiGHTy passes away

This fuckd me up today...The maN who created VioLator Records along with Mona ScoTT responsible for the career of TriBe Called Quest, Q_TiP, J-DiLLa, Busta RhyMes,50 cent & the groundbreaking ViTaMiN water deal and so much more sadly passed away in what appears to be a suicide in his Bronx apt...iLooked up him & the moves he made a lot...Similar to this wheN i met ShakiR Stewart he opened my eyes @ the hiT factory wheN i was only say they were both instrumental in my music industry knowledge would be an understatement. iTs truly a sad day for me. 1st shake now ChRis...iKNow neither of them trusted or were close enough to me to fully tell me all of the fuckry that goes on in the industry, but both did say "there is a lot we dont know about??" iWiLL probably never forget that or you R.I.P king!!

WiZ...CaNNaBis CoNNoiSSeUR

MiKe EPPs...iNaPPRoPRiaTe BeHaViOR

iOwN nothiNg...#LMaO

2 CHaiNz x KaNYe WesT...BiRTHdaY SoNG

This video is the absolute #PERFECT visualization of one of my favorite tracks off "T.R.U story" iTs pure genius!!! iWiLL nOT accept any other response...when iNdiaN dude took a swig of the 40 iCrieD...& the bithday cake whoooo *rick flair* iDoNT know who directed it yet i just saw it & iPosted that is #aLL...#TRUUUUUUUUUUUU #FoReVeRFLy

DopE viDeo....

THe effects in this R so dope!!


#SMH this youte need to cool ouT

FaT TReL x CHiEF KeeF Live iN MiAMi

TRoUBLe x ALLey...GO!!!


FaT TReL x CHiEF KeeF...FuCk da FeDs

RiTTz siGns to STRaNGe MusiC

BiG up to my SluMeRiCaN brejriN 770s owN RiTTz signs to STRaNGe MuSiC congratulations fam iPeRsoNally saw the griNd U totally deserve iT...iKnow this is goNNa take his muzik & fan base to the next level...RiTTz is ouTTa here!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


yo eveN tho CSHOT asked us not to release this uNTiL after V$VP MoB dropped their debut iGuess even though he had the same track "Fall iN Love" as their "PuRple Kisses" produced by VeRyRVRe iGuess he had enough music to let them live iMean hell not only did he go completely apeshYT on this kush smokers anthem he released iT b4 they did...#DaMN kid...yall need to pay attention to CSHOT that muthafucka is workiN!! definitely should post the masterpiece with the explicit deluxe cover #FOReVerFLy exclusive *good iDea*

Saturday, August 25, 2012

OUTkaST // ATLieNs [video]

OuTKaST x SliCk RiCk // THe ART of SToRyTeLLiNG [video]

RiTTz // iDoNT LiKE freestyle

MooKiE JoNEs x CarDo x DJ BuRN 1...DaNK

DJ GReeN LaNTeRN...iNVaDe The GaMe

iNDeeD x Ms RiVerCiTy

GuCCi MaNe...BuSsiN JuuGs

new heat buRniN up the clubs iN the A off "TraP goD" 10.17.12

FaT TReL x FreDo x SD...WiT da SHiTs

TwiSTa..BaTh & BoDy WoRKs

JoHNNy ShiPeS pReSeNTs 'GooD TaLK"

STyLeS P..The DiAmOND LiFe

NiCki MiNaJ x RiCkRo$$ x CaMRoN...I'm your LeaDeR

OUTkAsT x RiCo WaDe // GeT Up & GeT oUT [video]


UNReLeAseD CoMMoN x NO iD...No SeLL oUT

KiLLer MiKE x OUTkAsT // The WhoLe WoRld [video]

DWeLe x PHiFe DiGGy x J DiLLa....What PRoFiT


Thursday, August 23, 2012

HaMPToN UniV baNs DreaDs N BRaiDs

Hampton University Continues To Ban Students From Wearing Cornrows And Dreadlocks

do U agree wiTh this discRiMinatioN???


SoCiETy OF SoUL // PUSHiN [video]

pushiN soMe cool up iN your systeM...doNT fight the feeliN U geT #DF ATL fonk. Produced x Organized Noize.

SoCiETy Of SoUL // E.M.B.R.A.C.E [video]

Dungeon Family are the architects of the fonk we know & love today respect that!!! Society of Soul was a five-member R&B (Soul) group with the members of Organized Noize, Sleepy Brown, Rico Wade, Ray Murray, Espraronza and Big Rube. This was off the Society Of Soul album "Brainchild", ahead of its time in my opinion. Forever relevant. Forever dope. Forever Fly. Produced x Organized Noize.

OuTKasT x Cee_Lo // iN DuE Time [video]

Cool Breeze x Goodie MoB | DiRTy SouTH

"Powder get U hyper..reefer get U calm..CiGaRettes give U cancer..WU Wu's make U dumb" "cool breeze brought U the phrase dirty south" Respect that man #DF

GooDiE MoB...CeLL TheRaPy

CooL BReeZe...CREaTiNE

FuTURe...DF TiEs

funny but iShowed this chick the DF album played the track we were oN & the chick told me "that aiNT FuTure"...iHad to laugh iGuess iT wasN'T that was MeatHead...iLoVe the progression & iT all begaN off Adams drive...respect RiCo, Ray, & Pat they made the music you love today a possibility!!!!#DF saLuTE

LuPe FiAsCo...FooD & LiQuOR 2 o_O

LoRD kNoWs iDoNT reallY dig on the LupesTer but iWiLL post anything this ridiculous...yeah thats the cover yall..."thats your man...thats UR man!"

NuANce DraGoN diCTaTe SoFtwARe

this is my favorite product of 2012...i just want to keep expandiNG your minD

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SHyNe...UR WeLCoMe

iGuess this is a DiDdy diss...but U said iT was cool tho??/ buT iDiDNT believe that for a minute...10 yrs U gotta stiLL be a lil salty uNder those sideburNs...iReally tried to turN off the lights...but iJust wished they would've turN of the mic...SMH shyNe is way too G for these bars & voice of struggle...

MaC DRe...TReaL TV pT 1

MaC DRe...NoT my Job...

Thizzz in peace MaCDRe

UNdeR the NeeDLe...EP 4 ChaRiTy aka CaKe



UnDeR the NeeDLe...Ep 3 CoReY Davis

KiLLeR MiKe x SCaR....UnTiTLed

maaaaaN kiLLer came wiD iT...1st BiG Beast now this excellence...#NiiiiiiiiCe

UnDeR the NeedLe...EP 2 RoGer PaRiLLa

Curren$y | Legal concerns for mixtapes

DreaMs & NiGHTmaREs...EP 2

UnDeR The NeeDLe...CiTy oF iNK Webisode EP 1 PaPeR FRaNk

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NaS...BYe baBy teaser

iCaNT waiT to see this...


RiFF be buGGiN out...

PeTeR ToSH...LeGaLize iT LiVe

Blaze iT uP!!!!


MySTiKaL...weBisoDe...takiNg U back in tiMe,,,

The JaMes HoLMes CoNSPiRaCy

VyBz KaRTeL...My CReW

#LMaO @ the kaRTeL lookalike ._.

clerK gets a buck fifty for noT selliNg a CoLT 45


nEw BaNgeR...YOuNG SCooTER...CoLoMbiA

whenver this comes on in the strip club we get so iFigured 'd post iT...shyTs jaMmiN they whyliN on the visual haa haa..."i Just fell in love w/ a cubaN"


so many things to say about the season but i"m not just tryNa enjoy the ratchetNess....& this seasoN was hella ratchet..iF #LHHNY doesnt have a fatality or bloodshed iDonT see iT beatiNG the A...

MaVaDo...SUiCiDaL ThoUGHTs x AKTioN PaK


Thursday, August 16, 2012

JoEy BaDa$$...WaVes

DoPE!! iLike this kid

2 chaiNz album release party @ ESSO

T.i.P..Go GeT iT

the kaaaNg back...

YouNG BuCk..FiNaL RiDe

FiNally i"ll post this b/c IThiNk duriNg his whole ordeal he was goiNg thru there was stiLL much flexiN...this is actually real. When iSaw him on the last video lookiNg @ prison videos iT struck me this is a guy who has never seen the inside of a jail b4 he must be scared out of his miNd..but he would never say iT until now. I need that truth outta rappers for real too many dreams being sold and live is not a reality show. I tell people all the time "be careful who you pretend to be...b/c one day U might have to be that person...There were so many jewels in this iF U pick them apart...I wish jail oN no man so iPray he stays solid & get through his bid..Prison is rough its not a game people might ride on him early spotting his weakness or just to get a name...iN prison thats all you got. The fact that he finally said he doesnt even know JaRule & was beefiN with him b/c he was wit 50 shows you gotta choose your alliances wisely kids... i"Ve already said too much i"m done.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


2 CHaiNZ 106...

CSHOT x JoNa CRooNeR x L.E.S...LiFe So Quick

HiT BoY...HiTSToRy

What did U think???

MGK..EST 4 LiFe video

MGK...EST 4 LiFe

RoSCoE DaSH...2.0

MaCH FiVe x GaNGsTa Boo...TURN uP JuiCe

MaCH FiVe x DJ BuRN 1...RatCHeT ShiT the album

@djBuRN1 is fuckiN workiNg G!!!

A$AP RoCKy...PURPle kiSSeS


MooKiE JoNEs x Dj BuRN 1...MACK

BiG Boi in AUSTiN Tx

ALLeY BoY x BiG KRiT...iLiVe This SHiT

MiKKey HaLSTeaD...CaSTRo

BuSTa RHyMes...LiFe & Times...

Busta Rhymes Life And Times Documentary

BiG UPS @bussabuss

EVeLyN breaks her silence


Monday, August 13, 2012

iGGY AzaLea...GLoRy EP

NiCe cover iGGy...i just wish iT was longer *shrugs*


LMaO... R.I.P to Mobb Deep

BiG K.R.i.T x BooTLeG KeV


AZeaLiA BanKs...SuCCuBi

"Here's a reminder hymen...Tru Life stole all ya chains/yES!!! Max B wrote all ya flames/YES!!!! Montana rode all ya waves/BET Killa called you a lame.” #BOOOooooOOOOMBOOOOOOOCLOOOOTTTT!!!! This is arguably the hardest, lyrical diss from a female to a male ever in rap...mainly b/c aaRabs beat & her verse is vicious nut move on jones

K.R.i.T x KeKe x SLiM ThuG...ME & My OLdsCHooL rmx

This is the flyest candy S.L.A.B ridiN video StiLL TippiN...!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 CHaiNZ x NiCki MiNaJ...yeah iLuv Dem STRiPPeRs

iGoT so hype when this came on while iWas geTTiN a memorable dance from my homie Diamond iN maGiC CiTy last NiGHT...s/o to SeCret iSee U got a lil shot iN the video waddup DreaM...whats crackiN Jazz...whats eveN more disturbing is me just knowing that they shot this in DoA & iWasNT @ the video shoot..dont judge me "wont say iLuv em...but damN iLike em a whole lot" *good x*

Saturday, August 11, 2012

MiCHaEL BLaCkSoN...BLack FriDay

#LMao this nigga said KeViN DuRaNT look like what MagiC JoHnsoN should look like *dead*

Friday, August 10, 2012

MaVaDo...LAsT NiGHT/ GuLLy SIde

EViDeNCe x ALcHeMiST...CHasE the DaRK Clouds AwaY

"LeT soMe SunLigHT in"....

KiLLa KyLeON...KiLLa Man

DaNNy BRoWN // RaDiO SoNG [video]

Directed x Alex2Tone.

KeNDriCk LaMar...RiGoMoRTis

RePoST b/c iDiG iT that much...

DaNNy BRowN // BLuNT after BluNT [video]

Directed x A$AP Rocky & The ICU.

DaNNy BRoWN...DeTRoiT STaTe Of MiNd

MaCH 5...7.AM

yeah we geTTN ratcheT today fool...

TRiNiDaD JaMes..GoLD on My MacBook

@whoiscoreydavis is a fool wiT the camera...& alotta other shYT too!!

MaCH FiVe x TriniDad x BiG CheeCh..SmoKe No MiRRoRs

GeT #RaTCHeT iTs Friday muthafucka!!! nice camerawork Mr.Davis s/o #GreeDmONT Park & GreeDMoNT Radio

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The MakiNg of HiP HoP

HiP Hop...DJ KHaLed x Scarface x Nas x PriMo x JustiCe League

very nice iWas just talkiN about Face iTs the 10 yr anniversary of the Fix & that definitely represented classic "HiP hoP" like his 5 mic rating...

2 chainz spRuNg a leak...

ummmm yeah iDidNT do iT.... & for respect for my brejriNS CaP & TiT iWonT post the link either...get iT how U live 01. Yuck! (feat. Lil Wayne) 02. Crack 03. Dope Peddler 04. No Lie (feat. Drake) 05. Birthday Song (feat. Kanye West) 06. I’m Different 07. Extremely Blessed (feat. The-Dream) 08. I Luv Dem Strippers (feat. Nicki Minaj) 09. Stop Me Now (feat. Dolla Boy) 10. Money Machine 11. In Town (feat. Mike Posner) 12. Ghetto Dreams (feat. Scarface & John Legend) 13. Wut We Doin? (feat. Cap1)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

GiBBs x MaDLiB...SHaMe feat BJ


LMFao @ donell rawlins eye jammie...

iJusT died LMFaO LHHATL spoof....

jesus christ this shiT is too funny today

ZiMMeRMaN U lying son of a bitch!!!! JuSTiCe 4 Trayvon

TRiNiDaD JaMeS...DoNT be S.A.F.E

got this @ the jordan party DoNT be S.A.F.E CD from the homie TriNiDad this cover is hella hype...cover design by Corey Davis (GreedMonT ParK)

BiG KRiT..LiVe FroM the UNDeRGRoUND vlog 2

RiCK Ro$$...GoD ForGives & iDoNT 225,000 1st wk sales

huuuh (ross ad lib voice) BiG uPs to the Bo$$ thats major !!!

TaYLoR J x DOSe x GuCci Mane

my man Dose gettN some shiNe...iNever understood that Def Jam, Desert StorM but those names do nothing to promote him #SMH...but iDiGress

Monday, August 6, 2012

CURReN$y x MiKe WiLL

sound like a new tape of spiTTa x WiLL is in our fuTuRe...should be verynice...s/o to GuTTa TV on the footage

TRouBLe...LeT TheM TeLL iT

CSHOT...MaSTeRPiECe cover aRT


G.O.O.D muzik CRueL SuMMeR cover aRT

iTs beeN a cruel suMMer indeed...

SiR MiChaeL RoCks..CeLL DoPe...flashback

SiR MiChaeL RoCks...Now U Do

Chief Keef x Lil Reese...iDont Like [Live video]


SNooP..La..La...No! WTF is THiS ShiT...

see thats why yall need to give CSHOT a crack @ this game even snoop is tRyNa use his signature hybrid reggae / hip hop sound & as U can hear iTs obviously not that easy...yall need to hoLLa @cshot for some tuFF hip hop splashed wiTh reggae U already know his new "MasterPiece" & "Dub SessiON" should show you how to do this king...take a sample below how he murdered weezy riddiM "Lyrically I'm murderer iKiLL wiT no conscience...Your favorite rapper spiT nonSeNSe"....damN C U said iT a while ago...iT all makes sense now...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

YouNg JeeZy x GanGsTa Gibbs..NinO x GMoneY

this sounds like some people are most likely gonna get shot to this...#THuGGiN

Friday, August 3, 2012

TaBi BoNNey..LOveJoY PaRk

this expliciT cover is #everything...iTs like she stepped outta my fantasy s/o to her...

PeTer TosH...JoHNNy Be Good (83) Live

RoSe RoyCe...WisHiNg on A sTaR (78)

yeah I'm jammin to the tunes that were made before iWas born today...

BooTSy CoLLiNs...I'd rather be with U (Live 76)

caN iTake iT there baby...

RiFF RaFF...BreAK AwaY

KeNdRicK LaMar...SwiMMiNG PooLs (DraNk)


iDiDnT see the alleged "nip slip" do U?

SiR MiCHaEL RoCkS...LaP oF LuX

TeAM USA 156 v Nigeria 73

Largest defeat margin in olympic history since 1930..Carmelo scored the most points in history 34 beating stephon marbury with the team scoring a jaw dropping 29 3' USA you are truly a great squad..

ROSa ACOSTa...before booty injections...

SMH...iTs like seeiNg the prestige of a magic trick before the turN...good tips kids..never tell the secret! after that the iLLusion is gone...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


E-40...TuRN iT ^

SNoW on the BluFF [video]

iF UR from the A U need to go to walmart & buy a physical copy...that boy curtis snow is a wild youte...dope ass hood flick real ATowN shYT...hometown heroes @djburnone @gorickgo @theprofessoratl worked on the score & @diwangvaldez shot stills...all my people so iSupported but iF u like indie films this should be @ the top of the list even if iDidnt know the characters iWould stiLL cop it...s/o to Michael K Williams