Friday, November 30, 2012

DeaD PReZ TaLks iNFo aGe

Young Dolph // Dream [video]

BiG SeaN x TiM WeSTwoOD

CaSSiDy...Sway N THe MoRniNG FReeSTyLe

LiL niGga caN spiT tho....


ViNNy CHa$e...GoLdeN aRMy doCuMeNTaRy

Vinny Cha$e // Golden Army [LP]

1. Vinny Cha$e – GLDN Army Skit (0:08) 02. Vinny Cha$e – Harlem Roses [Prod. By Audio Dope Music] (3:42) 03. Vinny Cha$e – Nice Cloths No Swg [Prod. By Kid Art] (3:00) 04. Vinny Cha$e – Nevermind That [Prod. By Kid Art] (3:13) 05. Vinny Cha$e – Don’t Take It Personal [Prod. By Audio Dope Music & Kid Art] (3:19) 06. Vinny Cha$e – Good Girls [Prod. By Kid Art] (3:06) 07. Vinny Cha$e – Rolling My Trees [Prod. By Audio Dope Music] (2:41) 08. Vinny Cha$e – City Jungle [Prod. By Zeff] (2:59) 09. Vinny Cha$e – GLDN Army Skit 2 (0:26) 10. Vinny Cha$e – Biggie & Jordans [Prod. By Audio Dope Music] (3:53) 11. Vinny Cha$e – Fantasy [Prod. By Zukhan] (3:58) 12. Vinny Cha$e – Rep That Harlem [Prod. By Tek Beatz] (3:05) 13. Vinny Cha$e – Time [Prod. By MegaMinds & Audio Dope Music] (3:44) 14. Vinny Cha$e – Rolls Rollie [Prod. By Kid Art] (2:58) 15. Vinny Cha$e – Z99 [Prod. By Zeff] (1:57) 16. Vinny Cha$e – Money [Prod. By Neenyo] (2:58) 17. Vinny Cha$e – Penthouse Soho [Prod. By Kid Art] (3:10) 18. Vinny Cha$e – GLDN Army Skit 3 (0:20)

TaYLoR GaNg VLoG...

iWaSNT goNNa post iT buT iHad too...they fuck w/ boB roSS #FoReVeRFLy


CHRiSeTTe MiCHeLe x DuNsoN x BiLaL...caN THe CoOL B LoVed

Dope DiReCTed by KoNee Rok good quesTioN??? @chriSetteM @bilal

Key! x Curtis Williams #Two9 // Scottie II Hottie [video

#Two-9 latest single "Scottie 2 Hottie" is the first single off the well-anticipated mixtape entitled "Two-9 Forever." Shot on location in Austin, TX on St. Patrick's Day, 2012 x Young Wonder x Elevator. Directed by Young Wonder, shot by Young Wonder, Elevator & Purple FIlms. Edited by Young Wonder. Visit and for more of the Atlanta-based crew's art. https// https// https// https// https//


diReCted by MVisION

Thursday, November 29, 2012

TaTToo aGe...THoM deViTa

oRaNGe CHaIR x DoM KeNNedy

DeaDeNdHiPHoP..a3C day 1

LuNey TuNez...ExoTiC



Joey BaDa$$...waVes @ THe BoiLeR RooM NyC

SHyNe...BuRy JuDaS *gaMe diSS* -____________-

Get More: Shyne, Music News

SiR MiCHaeL RoCKs x CoOkiN SoUL...aLiVe & HiGH

Nappy Roots x Jeff Jon Sin // I'm Doing Good [video]

"Livin Life to the fullest cause it could suck". Produced x The Outvaderz. Feat Jeff Jon Sin via "SHITS BEAUTIFUL" mixtape

aCTioN BRoNsON..iMPoRTeD GooDs


aCTioN BRoNsoN x STaTiC SeLekTaH...NoT eNuouGH woRds

aCTiON BRoNsON x PaRTy SuPPLies..HooKeRs @ THe PoiNT

diReCTed by RiK CoRdeRo...this is my shiT!!!

aCTioN BRoNsoN x ALc vs THe NeeDLe DRop

MaC MiLLeR x THe CoMe uP...THe STRiP SHoW

TyGa..I'm diFFeReNT FReeSTyLe


RiHaNNa ToPs ChaRTs w/ #uNaPoLoGeTiC 238k

biG ups to @badgalriri those R iNCReDiBLe #'s !! oH yeah UR weLocoMe that waLLpaPeR is #FoReVeRFLy desiGNeD!!!

jD x CRaTe So deF viNyL coLLeCTioN

CaSSiDy says he RuNs PHiLLy RaP o_o

wheN i'm iN west phiLLy iaiNT neva eva eva eva eva heard anything cassidy has made in any whip, row house, or corner store but if he says so....

?ueSTLove 1HR + JDiLLa DJ SeT TriBuTe...doPe!!!!


diReCTed by ReX aRRow...just some muthafuckiN kiDs

Berner x Curren$y | Point of View

BeeNie MaN x BaRBee....GiVe iT uP

BaRbee is so tuFF!!!

DJ Burn One x Five Points Music Group // All LiVe Everythang [LP]

aHHH maN @djburNoNe just answered my siLenT prayerS & released the new iNstrumental tape "aLe" w/ @5PMG @theprofessoratl x @waltlive x @gorickygo...iFeel i"m goNna geT greedy w/ these beats too...donT judge me..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

@CSHOTx SPVCXGHXSTPVRRP // HaNds uP *abouT UR cHeCk* [video]

FOREVERFLY exclusive: CSHOT "HaNds uP" produced by SPVCXGHXSTPVRRP diRected by RaSHad Suede & FoReVeR FLy FiLMs off THE cRiTically acclaimed "FLy wiTh me" LP available exclusively on: @cshot NEW album "Nice From Far...Far From Nice" 12.12.12 on iTUNes, amaZoN etc... twitter@cshot www.instagram/cshot_foreverfly "FLy wiTH Me" x "TopshoTTahiphop" x "Masterpiece" ouT NOW!! #FRee "The High Life" OUT NOW on iTunes!!! FoReVeR FLy SUPPORT TALENTED INDEPENDENT ARTISTS #SHoTTa!!!!

L.E.$...The STRuGGLe CoNTiNueS

Ca$H_SHay...PoweR oF THe P

that biTch said biG headed like STuey" haaa haaaa #TuRN UP

yG x DoM KeNNeDy...CaLi LiViNg

this is my favorite track off is tuFF

50 ceNT...UNiTeD NaTioNs

DJ paUL...E & J

FuTuRe x KeLLy RowLaNd...NeVa End rMx

s/o to KeLLy Row keepiN rap niGgaz aLive siNce 95

cHRiSeTTe MiCHeLe...a CouPLe oF FOReVeRs

DiReCTed by DeRRiCK BLaNks a CouPle of #FOReVERs x #FOReVeRFLy ("see.. we're here" *points to eyes*) Now U know my queeN @chrisetteM "BeTTeR" LP iS in stores JuNe 11...U need that iN UR liFe

KiLLa KyLeoN x CyFyRe // H-TowN HeRoeS

1. La La 2. Get Rich Or Die Trying 3. Regular_Average 4. Fyre Cypher Ft. Short Dawg & Blu-Mega 5. Salute Me Ft. Dough Beezy 6. I Live It Ft. Cory Mo 7. Street Life 8. Dope 9. Get High 10. Swangin 11. In Love With Money 12. First 48 Freestyle 13. What You Talkin’ Bout 14. Drum Roll Please Ft. Travis Barker

Joey BaDa$$...WHo's NexT LiVe @ S.O.B's

STyLEs P...HoOdDy SeaSoN

FReeWay x STaTiC SeLekTaH...THe HiSToRy oF FReeWay

very doPe!!!

RiCk RoSS...CliQue FReeSTyLe

JaDaKiSS THRoWs hiS soN a wiLd sweeT 16

CsHoT x JaHLiL BeaTs...FRoM da A *reWiNd*

iGoT hype wheN iHeaRd the BiG Boi track iPosted below so iFiGuRed iWouLD repost CSHOT "FRoM the A" to show yall what i"m sayiNG this youte CSHOT is makiNG major soundiNG hooks & coNcePTs on iNdie...that track was released 4/20/2012 oN "ToPShoTTaHiPHoP" "PaY aTTeNTioN"

BiG Boi x TiP x LuDa...iN The A

WiZ x CaM...THe BLuFF

MiSTaH F.A.B...aLL SLaVeRy

SaiGoN x MaRSHa aMBRoSiUs

MiGueL...aDoRN LiVe oN eLLeN

iDiG that fraMe...

T.i. x aNDRe 3000...SoRRy

"why do we try so hard to be stars just to dodge comets..." wheeew daaG my fiRsT posT siNce iReaCh back froM miaMi & iTs a worthy 1...& yeah i"m oNe of people that said the verses was gettinG boRinG..sMH..."who should he reciTe for...who should he reciTe to <3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

@CSHOT | Keep iT BuRNiN' [Produced x Stephen Marley]

#SMoKedouTsuNdaYs exclusive @cshot drops off the introspective visual diRected by @suede x #FoReVeRFLy FiLms... Entire #SmokedOutSundays LP can be DL below for FREE : Prive` Apparel Collexion #FoReVeRFLy

GMaRk...WHaT The DeaL yaRd suSS

LiL Reese | Walter Payton

SLiM THuG x PauL waLL x DeLo....SwiMMiNg PoOLs FLow


K.D...PLaya & a G

MaSTeR P iNTRoDuCes aLLey Boy x FaT TReL...LouiS Boyz

iTs oFFiciaL!!

LiL Reese | Dont Likee chopped x SLiM K

that niGga ReeSe alReaDy rap slow so iWaNNa hear how this sounds

aLLey Boy x MaSTeR P x FaT TReL...BaNg BaNG

A few hours after announcing that they have formed the Louie V Mob, Master P, Fat Trel & Alley Boy release some footage of them in the studio working on “Bang Bang”, a new track that will appear on P’s upcoming Al Capone mixtape. I'm goNna need to hear ChieF KeeF BaNg BaNg & aLley boy ooooo shiT iN that hook back ground...but the tuNe souNd dawwwg aLLey makiNg power moves iHope P doNT try to fuck w/ his check or iTs BaNg baNG foR real for real... #SHoTTa

BiG SeaN...HaLL oF FaMe deLayed

Joey BaDa$$ 1ST overseas perforManCe in paRis

the kid & his PRo ERa teaM R makiNg moves saLuTe!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

DaFT PuNk x PHaRReL..GeT LuCKy

DJ wHoo kiD x LoaDed Lux oN HoWaRD STeRN

This is the funniest shit i"ve heard in a minute

SiZZLa KaLoNJi doCuMeNTaRy



SPRaGGa BeNz...a1 LoVeR

yeah iThRew iT back to 9duece my cousiN dean & I used to jump the gate when iWas like 10 when SpRaGGa DJ this live @ cariB maaaaN SPRaGGa has to be my favoriTe aRTisT iCaNT froNT

SPRaGGa BeNz x DeLLy RaNKs liVe *GuNSHoTs*

SPRaGGa BeNZ x MaRCia GRiFFiTHs...nO way no how

dem tuNe a lik iNna di morniNG..jah know king the #1 topSHoTTa @spraggabenz3

SPRaGGa BeNz...THiS iS THe way


TReaTed CRew...wHiP

SquiDy vs PauL 1 oN 1 iN tHe wooDs...gooD fiGHT

iDiOT geTs his teeTH kNocked ouT #HEELaRRyuS

Thursday, November 15, 2012

aCTioN BRoNSoN..SHiRaz

FReeWaY x NeeF...DeBuTs EaRLy "LiVe" Sway iN THe MoRNiNG

#that sick @phillyfreezer

Groove Theory x Sky Larrieux...Keep Tryin'

One of my favorite songs x groups...big ^ Groove Theory ...BriCe x Amel R the dopest!!! #FoReVeRFLy Music video by Groove Theory performing Keep Tryin'. (C) 1995 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

Joey BaDa$$ x PiTChFoRk TV...TaLKs NY CRoWd ReaCTioNs

CHaSe N CaSHe x KoBe...LiNe oF FiRe

ZioN i x D.U.S.T x CoDaNy....TRaPPed ouT


01. Big Body Bes Intro 02. Rare Chandeliers 03. The Symbol 04. Sylvester Lundgren f. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner 05. Randy The Musical 06. Demolition Men f. ScHoolboy Q 07. Eggs On The Third Floor 08. Modern Day Revelations f. Roc Marciano 09. Dennis Haskins 10. Bitch I Deserve You f. Evidence 11 Gateway To Wizardy f. Styles P 12. Bathtub 8 f. Deep 13. Blood Of The Goat f. Big Twin & Sean Price 14. Mike Vick

Joe BuDDeN...SNeaKeR CoLLeCTioN..

Free x TaLiB oN Show OFF raDio

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DJ TooMp x CRaTe DiGGeRs

#DoPE that my brejriN get the spotlight he deserves..he's doNe a loT s/o to ToOMp!!

BiG Boi x JuaN ePSTeiN

yeah maN that ouTkasT albuM is lookiNG liKe deTox #SMH

MTV...THiS iS How iMade iT...MeeK MiLL

anDRe 3000 taLKs fuTuRe oF oUTkaST x T.i CoLLaB

I'm glad they're not coming out now as much as that hurts me...iMean what kasT faN wanTs to see their CD as a iTuNes playlist or soMebody's weed plate...Life iNNa di GiDeoN

DoN TRiP x JuSTiCe LeaGUe...BReaK

Cory Mo x Killa Kyleon x Starlito // TrakkSounds SesSioN

Young Dolph x DJ Scream // Blue Magic [mixtape]

This tape hard quit plain...dont sleep on Dolph U might wake up workin' 4 him.

Cory Mo x DJ Burn One // Country Rap Tunes VoL.2

This is fuckiN tuFF @coryMomusic x @djburnone

Sunday, November 11, 2012

aCTioN BRoNsoN x aLCHeMiST...THe SyMBoL

whiTe exploitatioN...dope #RaRe CHaNDeLieRs

aCTioN BRoNSoN x RiFF RaFF...BiRD oN a WiRe

directed by MaX aLBeRT

PiMP C x BuN B...UGK TRiBuTe DoCuMeNTaRy

Too HaRD to SwaLLow turNed 20 years oLd thats heLLa #TRiLL...nuFF RespecT @BuN BTRiLLoG..lonG live PiMP C...directed by SaMa an ASHRaw

GaMe...COuGH uP a LuNG FReeSTyLe...whoooa!!

@thegame bodied that...I'm just sayiN...

JuICy J x WiZ KHaLiFa..KNow BeTTa

STyLeS P...iKnow

Curren$y | CHaNDeLieRs

Saturday, November 10, 2012

BiG PuN x ToNy suNSHiNe...100 %

HapPy GDaY pUN

CHieF KeeF x yoUNG CHoP..KoBe

diReCTed by HiDeF

KoNSHeNS..GaL a BuBBLe x SToP SiGN x DiFFeReNT meDLey



MaC MiLLeR x CoSMiC Kev FReeSTyLe


PRoDiGy x BuTCHeRs BLoCk


apparently purp & the klan beat up somebody in asap mob theres another shitty video which didnt show much that iWoNT post but that is appaprently purrp gettiNg arrested..more details


KeNDRiCk...BaCkseaT FReeSTyLe LiVe UK

KeNDRiCk...BiTCH DONT KiLL my ViBe Live UK

KeNDRiCk..M.a.a.d. ciTy LiVe iN the UK


WiZ x JuiCy J...Day 2 Day

iLike how TayLoR gaNg recoRDs oN the road thats dope....

CoRNeRBoy P...15 Rackz

shoT by CJ waLLis

CHuBBie BaBy...36 Oz PT 2

U haFFi fuck wiD my brejRiN miDweST ChuBBie thats a real hustLa!!!

TRiNiDaD JaMEs x CoRey DaVis..TRiNiDaD GeTs GReeDy pT 2

DJ BuRN oNe x GReeDMoNT...oN THe PoRCh iNTerview

RiTTz x JiHad...aLL we kNow


TURk talks to B.G. the 1st time siNce ReLeaSed

"look like when he come i"m goiN iN..." SMH

SCoTTy...NyC FReeSTyLe

CaP 1...OBaMa


TuRk x JuLia BeVeRLy OzoNe iNTerview

Friday, November 9, 2012

KiLLeR MiKe x TRaCkSTaR THe Dj... EDuCaTeD ViLLaNS RaDio poDcaST...very doPe!!


youNG JeeZy..we dONe iT aGaiN

KiRKo BaNGs x NiTeCap

THe WeekeNd x DRake...The ZoNe

SaiGoN x MySoNNe x GaME x SWizz..Sway RaP Fix FReeSTyLe

Get More: Music News

MySoNNe muRDeRed iT!!!!

KeNDRiCk LaMaR x LaDy GaGa..BiTCh DONT kiLL my ViBe rMx

whooooah...thats goNNa Be biG

PLieS..STRiPPeR Love

so he never hear yeah iLuv dem sTRippeRs huh...



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MaRK SPeKT x KNo...WiKiLeaKS

iNeeded to puT yall up oN soMe real HiP HoP @marqspekt x KNo...#maCheTe viSiON..#dopE


Marz LoveJoy | DoLo

@marzlovejoy 1st single #elephantsoundz on the way.

Freeway // FReeDoM oF SPeeCH [mixtape]

1.F.O.S ft. Mama Jones - Prod by B.Jones 2.Hotline - Prod. by 183rd 3.Dinars - Prod. by AK47 4.Bearded Wonder - Prod. by Jeffro 5.Beards R' Us ft. Jakk Frost & Malik B & Tana Da Beast - Prod. by Mr. Green 6.Go Get It - Prod. By Cardiak 7.Seems Like - Prod. By Toure 8.Master Of Ceremony - Prod. By Mike Jerz 9.Ice Cream ft. Diamond - Prod. by B.Jones 10.Let You Know - Prod. By Thelonious Martin 11.Ghetto Love ft. Free - Prod. by Sap 12.We Up - Prod. by JRB 13.Real Shit ft. Young Chris - Prod. By CertiFYD 14.Nah Uh ft. M Class - Prod. By Jake One 15.Workout - Prod. by B.Jones 16.Hold You Down ft. Sean McGee - Prod. By B.Jones

iGGy aZaLea x BReaKFaST CLuB

SCHooLBoy Q...THeRe he Go

CouSiN BaNG...TRaDe iN

Monday, November 5, 2012


yes sTS FinaLLY talks about women weed & what to wear...#WORd...I'm not postiNG my design agaiN..look iT uP #FOReVeRFLy

BiG K.R.i.T x MiCHaeL WaTTs...LiVe FRoM THe UNdeRGRouND SCreWeD & CHoPped

am iONLy 1 who iS loviN that this got S&C by WaTTs...poUR Up..liGHT up!!!

Le$ x DJ BuRN oNe...My LiFe

@settle4les x @djburnone #The STRuGGle CoNTiNUes

SMoKe DZa..FReeSTyLe @ THe TeLLy

PoWeR FiNaLLy ReTuRNiNG to sOMe neiGHboRHooDs in nY aFTer Sandy



MaCKLeMoRe x BooTLeG KeV

THe KiLLeRs...MisS aTOMiC BoMB

FaT Joe x JD KHaLeD x AsaP x FReNCH...YeLLow TaPe

NiCki MiNaJ...My TRuTH

SaiGoN...BLowN aWay


staHHr...Still Dope

staHHr spits dope x she's harder than U face it! #FoReVeRFLy song produced by Doom (MF Doom) and video directed by JayForce. FEATURED ON STAHHR' DEBUT ALBUM "ALMOST NEVA WAS" AND DOOM'S "BORN LIKE THIS". Buy "Still Dope Feat. Empress

Curren$y | SToNed iMMaCuLaTe TouR..The MooN

i'Ve beeN there...s/o 2 TJ's Dj's

WiZ KHaLIFa..Day 2 Day 2050 tour

Sunday, November 4, 2012

BeeNie x Ms.TiNG x SHaWNa...DuDe


iNeed Ms TiNG x @cshot to link up for a tuNe...that shiT wouLd a well wicked!!!


Tommy Lee | Buss a Blank

Produced by Anjou Blax Directed by Celebrity Check out Tommy Lee Sparta on iTunes: Thanks!

PoPcaaN...FOOD HaFFi RuN


BeN BaLLeR x PeTe WENTz...

MeeK MiLL x DReaMChaSeRs 15 miN FReeSTyLe..#TuFF

Meek Mill Introduces New DreamChaser Crew With Their 15min Freestyle

#Meek Mill x Dreamchaser Records - Power 99 Freestyle Feat @MeekMill @Leemazin @Louievgutta @Theonlygoldie @Youngpooh215 Shot By @Werunthestreets and Mix by @Djcosmickev

Saturday, November 3, 2012

DoN TRiP...HeLp is ON THe way


DJ SwaMp izZo x SCoOTeR (a1FBG)?...voiCe oF The STReeTs

iDoNT know why he has a1FBg iThouGHt scoOTeR was 1017??who know anymore


this guys is #HEELaRRyUS

FaT TReL a Day iN THe LiFe

FaT TReL...BiLLiONaiRe


I'm a let this 1 go...

UNCLe MuRDa..PeeL her oFF


what the _____is this??

ONyx...BeLLy OF THe BeaST

#woRD thats what iNeeded right there

NiCki MiNaJ x CHaTTy MaN

Joey BaDaSS x PRo ERa...after 1st video dropped march 2k12