Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Since 2012 started MMG looks like they continue to put pressure on the industry headz necks even while the competition releases albums the MMG boys are releasing hit singles using the usual formula but adding some "french" to the gumbo...Now I'm in no way a hater but everybody knows iLike originality above all...I hate when songs blow up that somebody was already grinding same melody, hook, hell even the same lyrics sometimes...thats fuckry!!!! This goes from Big Kuntry putting put H.A.M. forever ago to CSHOT putting out "I just want it ALL" posted on this blog from 2000 how long and Kid Ink comes with the same title...at least his track had a different melody...but you catch my drift. iSay that to say this at least give the creator the credit deserved damn!!! Let other people know yeah iHeard such and such track iFlipped it flew such and such out popped a bottle blew a zone with him...but that never happens. Instead they just act like they never heard it before & that shit fux wit me in a major way iHate U!!

Anyway here goes another one that i"ll post just to show you the power of knowledge. Not only does ross & them borrow(steal) the title but the melody and the muthafuckN words too 0_0
Everybody jumped on the "Stay Schemin" instrumental but no one wants to acknowledge the creator Nasir Jones, but iWill #SALUTE to my favorite rapper b/c Pac died...NAS!!!

"name a rapper that iAint influenced?"(nas)

check below for yourself...#SHOTTA



MMG version:


Friday, January 6, 2012

1st post of 2012...

New Years greetings...its been forever since I've been able to log into my blog...so much has happened iDunno where to start...I've been smokN romulan today...super high and adding a lil bit of purp too so I'm not gonna think too hard on this...nough new muzik & cool shit so lets do it...

since people are getting killed over jordans like its the 90's I guess wearing mine tonight with all my jewelry on would be considered some extreme form of thuggery 0_o


Since Rozay had his health issues God Forgives I Dont is on hold for now but RR gives #RICH FoREVER to the people full of features and guest apearances...definitely not with Pill on there b/c he is clearly a disgruntled former employee...Shit Meek buyN Ghost's, iThink
gunplay is no doubt snorting the finest cocaine available but iGuess it aint all palm trees and strippers over there @ MMG cause where is everybody else?

P.S is that a digital blunt on the cover???? (yeah iGot jokes)