Monday, December 14, 2009


This is FUCKRY!!!! I hate how many posts I have with musicians catching cases this year I mean babylon is on some NWO type shit right now all my hustlers gotta move way more careful, and I can predict a snitch is somewhere in this mixx somewhere SMH! Right now tings dread and food haffi eat by all means but right now like CSHOT say "It's Hard out cheeere!"
I hope this turns out better than it looks right now but I know dem krackers got u locked down Buju but hold ya up head king!

Reggae superstar Buju Banton was arrested in Miami on drug conspiracy charges.

According to Drug Enforcement Administration, Buju (whose government name is Mark Anthony Myrie) was picked up on Thursday and will soon be transferred to Tampa, where the U.S. Attorney is charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilos of cocaine.

According to federal mandatory minimum sentencing, Buju faces 20 years to life if convicted

Sean Kingston needs to get the Belluga Heights Law team together for uncle BUJU...JR Rotem's jewish I believe so u already know what time it is!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Everybody that has ever loved basketball late 90's to the present knows how much of an impact Allen Iverson had on the NBA. From him making millions of dudes rock braids whether Black, white, asian, arabian and arguably injected Hip Hop culture into the league and not making it look corny. Even though I see him all the time now in Atlanta with some really questionable entourage and companions, I still choose to remember the AI from my teens. Though I'm not down with his personal life from the things that I've heard firsthand which I don't even wanna share cause it's so f@ckin disgusting, I respected AI the player! I guess everything has to come to an end, and AI is no exception but I felt with his impact and volatile career he would go out way wilder than this.

After my initial post AP had some interesting AI career highlights and comments from other players

With no apparent interest from NBA teams, Allen Iverson is set to retire, according to an online report.
Commentator Stephen A. Smith published a statement on his Web site Wednesday attributed to Iverson. It said Iverson plans to retire but also that "I feel strongly that I can still compete at the highest level."
The statement also said Iverson has tremendous love for the game and the desire to play, adding there is "a whole lot left in my tank."
"His legacy would be huge," Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star LeBron James said. "He's one of the best when you talk about guys 6-foot and under in the game of basketball. He played injured and he played hard every single night. I don't think it should end this way, but if it does, he's left a lot of great things behind."
The 10-time All-Star played three games this season with Memphis before taking a leave of absence to attend to personal matters. He was waived after the two sides agreed to part ways.
It was the second straight ugly ending for Iverson, who was unhappy last season playing for the Pistons. He was upset that Detroit coach Michael Curry and Memphis' Lionel Hollins used the former MVP as a reserve.
The New York Knicks considered signing Iverson last week after he cleared waivers, before deciding he would take too much playing time away from younger players they are trying to develop.
The Knicks seemed to be the only team who would consider bringing in Iverson, so there was no guarantee he'd play in the NBA this season, anyway. Still, the announcement Wednesday came as a surprise to George Karl, who coached Iverson in Denver.
"I think he still has something left to give some team out there. If that's his decision, he'll go down in history, I think, as the greatest little guard ever to play the game of basketball," Karl said.
"I was happy to have him for a couple years and hopefully our paths will cross. But I have a sneaky feeling that somewhere along the way an injury or a circumstance with a team will open that window back up."
One of the NBA's great scorers, Iverson entered this season with a career average of 27.1 points that ranked fifth all time. Yet there was almost no interest in him this summer before he went to the Grizzlies on a one-year deal.
Iverson can still score, as he averaged 17.4 points with the Pistons last season. Yet he has made it clear he doesn't view himself as a backup, which has likely hurt his chances of signing with a contending team.
"It's sad man, especially coming from a guy that's close to me and a friend," former Nuggets teammate Carmelo Anthony said. "To see him go out the way he's going out right now, it's not like he wants to go out, he's almost being forced to retire. It's a bad situation right now.
"It was just, he got dealt a bad hand from when he went to Detroit up to right now. Everything kind of spiraled downhill. I never want to see nobody go through nothing like that, especially a guy with his talent, somebody who can still go out there and be productive."
The 6-foot guard thanked former players and coaches in the statement, plus the fans in Memphis and Philadelphia, where he spent his best years. He said stepping away would allow him to spend more time with his wife and kids.
He also said he thought he could still play after 14 seasons.
"I always thought that when I left the game, it would be because I couldn't help my team the way that I was accustomed to," it read. "However, that is not the case."
Messages were left for Iverson's agent, Leon Rose, and his business manager, Gary Moore.
If this is the end for Iverson, he leaves with four scoring titles and a playoff scoring average of 29.7 points that ranks second only to Michael Jordan. He led the 76ers to the 2001 NBA finals but never won a championship.
Or he could choose to wait and see if a team in need of a scorer comes looking for him later this season.
"I don't ever believe anyone retires until they get to the point they have to," Boston coach Doc Rivers said. "He had a great career if it is true, but I still think he has more to offer."

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Damn baby! Yo know it's a recession when the state giving out time like it's the new H1 Flu out in this b#tch for real: 09 was real for everybody but this roll call of rappers is f@ckin crazy!
Big Up to Big Meech you were a big influence on the kid man nough luv and thanx for the game G you always in our hearts and thoughts king and Evil Twin for putting me down I'm waiting for you to come home fam! Shout out to Mystikal WTF when does this ni$ga jump! Big shouts to Cmurder hold ya head pimp natural life + 4 OHN!!Hold ya Head up Tru Life that's my dog right there and your brother 2! yall some soldiers for real! My man Max B (75 years c'mon)! TI is my folk for real, no blog talk it's almost over G soon come home! Lil Boosie got like 4 years for a probation violation? c'mon son he got like 7 kids on some real shit, Weezy going in for a calender he got like 4 kids...B.G gonna get some time, Messy Marv, Millz went in but he's back out... Twisted Black, Big Gee, Blu Davinci, all my BMF Family, hell Gucci got like a year for dirty piss too...(funny story my brejrin in MIA called me sayin Gucci performing on Thanksgiving you coming down? WOW! promoters are getting it how they live for real!!) I really hope Gucci don't think jail=records cause every time his record drop he get lock? His show money would be incredible and he would actually get to promote the muthafucka and get more sales but WTF do I know...
Hip Hop's gonna be super boring!

Anyway Wayne's tryna capitalize before he go in (literally) Toon got Young Money releasing same day as Rebirth his rock fused album like 12.15.09: this is gonna be interesting! I wonder if Young Money will crumble like dominoes when wayne's gone? I guess we'll see...
Anyway shout out to my affiliate Hustlafide he got this up 1st but QD3 did a remarkable job it made me actually watch all of it, it was really well put together...(I can't believe he recorded the swagger like us verse in the hotel in Amsterdam with a LV case of stacks to play wit and what like like 2 pints or more of lean in a Vitamin Water cup (OMG can you imagine the weed he was smoking). No wonder he has so many haters, he makes them feel poor just watching and that dude is living very MAJOR!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Aw man it's been a minute had to chill on the blogging and get to some bigger paper ya feel me but I'm back! With gifts!
Anyway wasn't too much happening that I even gave a fuck about except for French inking the deal with Konvict Muzik that album should be stooopid. Gucci and Oj are fucking going crazy still even though he's still in Rehab (wasted). My man Max just got sentenced to 75 yrs (C'mon Son) The judge is trippin, the bitch that set it up got 15 WTF Max didn't even shoot! That's fuckry Max I'm riding with ya fam I know French gonna hold you down. Joe Budden got punched again then squashed it? (you are truly a cornball and Tahiry has another dude wake up) I got a story about meeting that dude that is so funny too...later tho. I caught up with keri hilson in Lenox with her hating ass midget security guard I have footage and 10 year old marriages in Yemen??WTF and just not really much else has been even making me wanna care about Hip Hop and then it happened. The Blueprint III has sprung a leak and I'm happy about Hip Hop again. Now I didn't wanna blog with all the bloggers dropping the snips but I feel since no one dropped OTTN I feel I should post it. The album is super wicked but not perfect I will admit that! But it's everything I hoped for. Off that is monumental fuck that I said it, Jcole had a nice verse on Star is Born and the Venus vs Mars beats sooo hard (no homo), Haterz is true but weird (kiss girls like katy perry kanye is trippin out lately but I like it) I feel weird cause I heard the "On to the next" beat from Swizz a while ago in Patchwerks Studio ATL, GA and another fuckin MONSTER of a beat he called "I'm supposed to ball", both made me feel like dying in a good way cause they were just that wicked and I wondered what it would sound like to drop lyrics on that those joints and when I heard hov on that swizz monster through my solabaric 12's in my whip I was trippin out so I gotta see what yall think. Hell speaking of Hov I see T-pain catching feelings about D.O.A saying fuck hov now after all this time you were on stage when he dropped the jawn! your a pum pum. I gave Pain the benefit of the doubt even despite what TJ and other people tell me I met u a few times and you seem like a weirdo but I thought you just got a lotta a money young but your a husband and father at like 21 and that makes me know your a moron and your like the rest of the haterz on Hov di#k I mean he even said you were the one that did it well. WTF. DOA was the sad truth I don't even listen to the radio for this same reason but one day I was going to lunch with my homegirl and she had the radio on I swear to JAh himself I heard like 5 autotune songs back to back I wanted to kill myself! Yall lack creativity I mean since he dropped D.o.A there is now D.o.S.S, D.OA.A , D.AB.B and all types of other fuckry like C'mon Son! word to ed lover. I mean how about this, all the songs not ony sound the same they have they same name...Tpain - I cant believe it, Lil Boosie--Better Believe it, Saigon- Gotta believe it, some other rapper even has Cant believe It and I wont even mention that niggaz name that's how fed up I am! I think people vex with just the amount of money this dude truly has and that his wife is Beyonce,he's fucked hundreds of bitched, got head from Superhead when it was new, and that he's had 10 # 1 albums about to be 11 and his words are still VALID! I mean that's gotta be it this dude has accomplished every thing you and I dream of and he's still progressing that's why YOU ALL ARE HATERZ! GROW UP MAKE MONEY AND GET A LIFE!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Max B's verdict was announced just moments ago in the Bergen County Court House. He along with his brother were found guilty of 9 out of 11 counts. Max B was detained immediately.

His sentencing date is set for July 30, 2009. Witnesses state Max B kept his head up and "took his verdict like a man". He did not break down once and remained strong through the entire verdict.

His attorney plans to appeal the verdict.

DAMN I hate that I had to post this but Max I'm a fan pimp! I wonder if looking back we all see flaws in the way we made moves but it was his ambition that made him so wavy and put him in this position cause shit 25,000 split 3 or 4 ways is no money and I'm a regular dude hell I can get that money up as we speak but then again i been on the grind for a minute now and Max was fresh out the joint and super hungry so he did what he did. I would never in my life pull that kinda job with a ho (not being funny) but a for real ho, and her brother? Crazy fam cause I knew it looked light after catching the case shit with lawyer retainers (I know that too well) cause he was getting like 4,000 a show this and last year so i know he gotta feel that pain! Anyway hold ya head up Max as you always do! French got the deal and I know he gon hold it down blood French a real dude! Judges don't care how hard you worked to get here they just throw football #'s at my niggaz so we gotta stay alert, stay on our grind, and most of all stay Six Six Two (MOB)! I guarantee everything else falls into place baaaby! Word to Max B! You still a king even in a cell! Free all our political prisoners too since I'm on the topic! They tryna kill us all! We can't let them win tho!


Monday, May 18, 2009






Monday, May 11, 2009


What a week I don't know where to start the Cassie pix leak (thank u lord),

or the Hoops (VH-1 Flava of Love) video

Last I checked it is not xmas time is it but WTH? Crazy...We all know who posted the Rhianna pix tho clue @ the end... but it's either some of the hottest chicks in entertainment are now letting the world see what only the few privileged previously payed dearly for bless their hearts and promotion. Oh well their loss our gain...I guess? Hell even Jessica Biel is nude in her new movie Powder Blue that's like america's sweetheart funny.... Even though these chicks don't even hold a candle to my girl I understand everyone isn't so lucky..lots of lonely dudes out there want desperately to see them naked and the pix are already out there I figure why not be part of the problem cause there is no way for me to be part of the solution take it off the net soooooo. There you have it my man reasoning and I'm sticking to it lol.

You already know I got some new muzik links I've been sitting on I swear I gotta be the laziest blogger alive...I probably stay kushed out my mind the most too but thats besides the point...

Got that CAMRON Crime Pays link for the last remaining Dip Set heads out there I must say this tho album is dumb hot 23 joints on that bitch super crazy (90's style) but cookies n apple juice video funny and so is Get it in Ohio guy gets higher than I do truss me but I was feeling that I hate my job since last year and then I found out he stole the idea from some guy but CAM's is hotter by far so he gets no props but check it out let me know what ya thinkin!

1. Crime Pays Intro
2. Cookin’ Up
3. Where I Know You From
4. Fuck Cam #1
5. Never Ever
6. Curve
7. Silky (No Homo)
8. Get It In Ohio
9. Who
10. Grease Skit
11. You Know What’s Up (Feat. C.O. & Sky Lynn)
12. Spend The Night
13. Fuck Cam #2
14. Woo Hoo (featuring 40 Cal.)
15. Chalupa
16. Cookies & Apple Juice (Feat. Byrd Lady & Skitzo)
17. (I Hate) My Job
18. Homicide
19. Fuck Cam #3
20. Got It For Cheap
21. Get It Get It
22. Bottom of the Pussy
23. Fuck Cam #4

Oh Yeah!!!! and the real treat for all the STANS out there burning candles and all kinds of ridiculous shit waiting for his triumphant return yes ladies and gents EMINEM the Relapse.

01- Dr. West (skit)
02 - 3am 05:20
03 - My Mom 05:20
04 - Insane 03:01
05 - Bagpipes From Baghdad 04:43
06 - Hello 04:08
07 - Tonya (Skit) 00:43
08 - Same Song & Dance 04:08
09 - We Made You 04:30
10 - Medicine Ball 03:57
11 - Paul (Skit) 00:19
12 - Stay Wide Awake 05:20
13 - Old TimeƆs Sake (feat. Dr. Dre) 04:35
14 - Must Be The Ganja 04:03
15 - Mr. Mathers 00:42
16 - Deja Vu 04:43
17 - Beautiful 06:32
18 - Crack A Bottle (feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent) 04:58
19 - Steve Berman (Skit) 01:29
20 - Underground/Ken Kaniff 06:19

Lots of people have been bugging me on my gmail asking for it cause I had it for mad long..Dont say I never gave you anything..

The albums dope but one of my biggest gripes is CSHOT already has a song with the bagpipes in it produced by RIBAH 5000
" A + student"
and its his 1st single and it's been getting spins crazy in Atlanta and FL right now and is way more creative than Bagpipes in Bagdad- the mariah and nick jokes but Eminem is a big fish in more ways than one especially with that weird punisher XXL cover weird?
But its all G! Great muzik and talent eventually shines keep the muzik crankin SHOTTA!

The next piece of news is fuckin sad! Alfamega has been cited as a Federal Informant!
I didn't wanna believe it until I saw the paperwork and then saw his real name on the joint...crazy!


Damn! Soul For Real stealing identities now this WTF! I actually know Alpha from being wit Grand Hustle tryna make some shit happen and he alwayz kept it a 100 as far as I knew fuck he did like 8 years in prison and David Banner is his brother in law...I mean he was Grand Hustle muscle?? DAMN!
CSHOT got this new song on his new album called "Hard Out Cherre" hook is

"King It's hard out cherre
Man I cah even lie
Everythang cost a quarter
But u can't get a dime
Damn near everybody snitchn
You can't truss your own folk
It's all fucked up now
Times Hard It's no Joke"

Real Shit cop CSHOT new album he aint spittin nonsense and he got like 8 albums out and I guarantee the only paperwork coming up on that nigga is charges!Oh and he has a job (not a CO or COP) nothing against Boss but everybody gotta eat!!! Either that or he gon be robbing you, then you probably have to snitch on him (see how the cycle works).

They grow up so fast!!! Is JO JO tryna get gully?

Reverend Run's son, Joseph "Jojo" Simmons, was released Saturday (May 9) after being arrested a day prior on multiple drug charges when caught in New York City purchasing marijuana.

Less than 24 hours of his arrest, the rapper was freed from authorities.
The son of Run-DMC founding member Joseph Simmons "walked this way" - directly out of a Manhattan courtroom. Jojo Simmons, 19, was released on his own recognizance after being charged with two counts of possession of marijuana and a count of resisting arrest, officials said. Police had initially slapped Simmons with attempted reckless endangerment, a felony charge, but a Manhattan judge Saturday gave the aspiring rapper a lighter rap. (New York Daily News)
His sister, Vanessa Simmons, expressed her feelings via Twitter.
"As Humans we all make mistakes," she wrote unmodified. "They make up your life lessons and experiences...Jojo is ok, he just made a oops...I'll update more on my thoughts later on my Global Grind blog." (Vanessa Simmon's Twitter)
The incident reportedly took place Friday (May 8) evening.
Jojo got caught buying marijuana from a drug dealer in Washington Heights and made things worse by getting rough with the officers, police said. They said Jojo was behind the wheel of his BMW, which has "JoJo" embroidered on the head rests, rolling a joint when the narcs came up and knocked on his window. (SOHH)
Upon being discovered, Simmons made an attempt to escape the scene.
We're told he tried to get away by throwing his car into reverse, and nearly backed into the officer's car. Simmons Jr, known as JoJo on the MTV reality show "Run's House", was booked for resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. (TMZ)

If this is for Team Blackout promo it's not helping getting caught by undercovers. That isn't gangster down here you got caught buying something I smoke daily and a way better grade too jo..holla at ya boy on the gmail you got bread fuck wit me...Actually I might have to chill, hell he probably snitchin too lol

Lastly Nick Cannon is actually super tight about the Eminem track I talked about earlier he's actually about to go in on EM! He better man up wit some really vicious ghostwriters cuz EM even tho pushing 40 will still lyrically assasinate Nick Cannon if I were Nick I would fight that dude he'd have a way better chance!

Nick Cannon has responded to Eminem's recent attack on him and his wife Mariah Carey by offering to end the rapper's career if their differences are not settled in a timely manner.

Responding to a reference heard on Em's new track "Bagpipes From Baghdad," Cannon dished out his feelings.
"At first I thought it was old material that had been dug up from when dude "fantasized" about having a pretend fling with Mariah," Cannon wrote via his blog. "So as I further examine the track, I hear dude cross the line. He begins to call my wife out of her name! Now as y'all know, I don't take that type of nonsense lightly. So on some grown man sh*t I'm instantly like, I got to get at this Lame...Let's not forget about Eminem's amateur mixtape rants of calling African Americans N*gger and how he hates "Black B*tches." How did we let him get away with that in the first place?! He is a natural born racist in disguise...So I'm putting this out there now. Marshall Mathers, you need to holler at me on some grown man sh*t. Man to man, let's meet up and deal with this like adults...So Miss Marshall, I'm going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife. This is going to be fun! It's however you want it! Just remember, you did this to yourself! Your legacy has now been tainted from this day forth! You will now be known as the rapper who lost to Corny-a** Nick Cannon!!!" (Nick Cannon's Blog)
Em's recently leaked track opens up name-checking Mariah.
"Oh, it's music to my ears," he said in the song's intro. "How can I describe the way I feel? F*cking great man. Okay, let me see. How can I begin, locked in Mariah's wine cellar/All I had for lunch was bread wine, more bread wine than Cap 'n Crunch/Red wine for breakfast and for brunch/And to soak it up in-between snack crackers to munch/Mariah whatever happened to us/Why did we ever have to break-up/Well all I asked her was for a glass of punch/You see I never really asked for much/I can imagine what's going through your mind after such a nasty break-up with that laughing hump/Nick Cannon, you better back the f*ck up/I'm not playing." ("Bagpipes From Baghdad")
Despite Cannon's claims of Em fabricating his relationship with Mariah, Slim previously discussed the details of their break-up around 2006.
"Yes, me and Mariah did have a relationship for about a good six, seven months," Eminem said recently on his Shade 45 channel. "[But] it didn't work. I wasn't really into what she was into; our personalities collided. She's a diva, and I'm a little more regular, I guess." (Shade 45)
Aside from Em, the Nick star recently addressed Internet disses from bloggers. (not me tho)

Forever Fly

Monday, April 20, 2009


Nothing like a green dutch full a kush in the morning.. especially the morning of 4/20! I wish you could see and taste this baby, It looks like smokable candy... yeeee! Got a lotta shit to handle b4 I jet up top to Philly so I can't burn too much of this and try to maintain cuz it will not happen! But for all my smokers this day is just for us! CSHOT was supoosed to release his highly anticipated album Forever Fly on 4/20 but about a month or too I Rick Ross announced his 4/21 but Asher Roth decided to drop his Asleep in the bread aisle on 4/20 and due this all shit controversy with Ross and Fif CSHOT is gonna fall back and grind more promo cuz this album deserves the hype, Truss Me!!!!

Anyway this post is for the smokers out there we gotta "Burn One"
So on the count of three..1, 2....
Damn I cheated but it was worth it! "Match up, iGot 5...

Forever Fly

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Forever Fly 1st Entry

Forever Fly is officially online and there's so much to post I don't even know where to start.  I got dumb new muzik but I think it's best since this is the first post to just kinda start off slow wit some random crap..why not? Saturday 4/4 Jordan releases the 1st shoe titled after the year the "Air Jordan 2009." Not sure what your thoughts are? but dem shits wack son! Word. I won't even debate w/ U that this is a clear naw, the black/orange white dunks that dropped in Feb was the only thing that caught my eye but Nike slippin' on the drops right now. What yall listening to anyway? @cshot has new albums on the way "The High Life" & a 420 inspired album "The Kush Kronicles" summer bout to be hot my youte.

Jaimie Foxx almost assaulted in philly...Philly goin hard right now stickin up R&B singers all that blood damn!

Weezy & Cash Money sues Drama and QDIII...DAMN! I thought Weezy authorized those joints that's crazy them dudes is caked up crazy suing niggaz struggling in the recession...Wow but it is CASH MONEY RECORDS..who knows what the books really look like Baby baalin' outta control for 2 decades can beat up a budget.

Plies has a new show: "Goonette"? Thats a funny youte.

Rhianna is of course now officially going states evidence...damn breezy! But if anybody didn't think she would I got a purple flying saucer to sell ya & U must condone beating women? smh either way U stupid.

Thanx to a hell of a grind ya boy the Macaroni and the cheese French Montana got signed to Konvict and word is M's are involved..."Goon muzik a Run New York"

Jim Jones scans 35,000 1st week...WTF! French and Max got a funny vid coming real soon, I'm sure.
Wendy Williams airs out Bow Wow???? (did I really post this)

Now I gotta quit see what u did wendy! I'm izzzout the hizzouse