Saturday, March 23, 2013


#HoLysHyT this wicked the kids @ the beGiNNiNG paP I'm glad this got a viSuaL this is lyriCaL hoMiCiDe...

BLu x EXiLE x BLaCk SPaDe...MayBe ONe Day

Blu & Exile release their first official music video from their album "Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them" for the song "Maybe One Day" directed by Jerome D. The song is also available on a limited edition 10", and you can buy the album now via all formats at: Buy "Maybe One Day (feat. BLaCk PaDe

BLu x EXiLe x ANdy aLLo..EaSE UR MiND

youNG BReeD...YoUNG GOT THe JuiCe

BaD aZZ vS RaY J

BMX BeeSy x NiTTi...BeeSy..BeeSy...BeeSy

Prod by @nittbeatz Label: NITTI BEATZ RECORDINGS Artist: @BMxBeeSY Directed by: @aTallguycreativ Contacts: Mgt:

PRoJeCT PaT...WeeD SMoke

#DoPe shoT x ediTed by @mrhimhot

$HaMRoCk x JeLLy RoLL x CaSKey x DaNGeRuSS...oTHeR SiDe oF THe TowN

this is a tuFF pOSse cuT iHad to poST @shamrockmusic that veRse was viCiouS produced by @RASHADFFMG


shot by Hi-DeF

CHieF KeeF...RaGs II RiCHe$ pT II

shoT by DGaiNZ


LiL SnuPe....MeLo

THis lil youte sPiTTiN @lilSnupe


produced by SGP

Friday, March 22, 2013

CuRReN$y x JuVeNiLe..GeT uP BiTCH

WiLLie THe KiD x JoN CoNNoR..ONe TiMe

#FLy II ouT now

WiZ x aKoN...LeT iT Go

PRoJeCT PaT x NaSTy MaNe x GoRiLLa Zoe..PoP This PiLL

LiL WayNe x 2 cHaiNz...RiCH aS FuCk

Lil Wayne - RAF (Rich As Fuck) Ft 2 Chainz... by OfficialBPFHipHop that riDDim iS crazy...tuFF tuNe!!

BouNTy KiLLeR..STiNG 2k11

PoPcaaN x NoiSey...PT II

FReDDie GiBBs...How we Do

DiRTy HaNDs...THe aRT x CRiMeS of David CHoe

this youte is the iLLesT @davidchoe

Friday, March 15, 2013

GaMe x CSHoT x YeLaWoLF...THe oTHeR Day

#ReeeewiiiiiND #6 GuNShoTs iMight just keep this up for a while... iToLD yall about #sHoTTa...U starting to believe me yeT!!!! FOREVERFLY FiLMs preseNTs the woRLD preMieRe viSuaL for @thegame x @cshot x @yelawolf "The OTHeR Day" produced by MR. #vaMPLiFe @jimjonescapo off THE cRiTically acclaimed genRe defining mixtape LP by @cshot "ToPsHoTTaHiPHoP" available exclusively on: This is the one everyone has been waiting to see iT is currently one of the most downloaded off the LP x soMe say this has to be The GaMe's most introspective verses siNCe the documentary. WiTH @cshot handling the hook w/ a jamaican flava mixed w/ aTL southern influence together wiTH aLabama's owN YelawoLF's story to make this one helluva fuck "N" track...Dare iSay this is the 1st time eva you have heard MC's from California x Jamaica x ALABAMa x New YoRk blending together to make a beautiful piece of muzik....fuck w/ that youte @cshot #TRuSS Me U caaaaaah LoOse #FoReVeRFLy @cshot New CSHOT LP "Nice From Far...Far From Nice" available now on iTuNes: twitter@cshot cshot_foreverfly 'TopshoTTahiphop" & "Masterpiece" are FRee x aRe ouT NOW!! "The High Life" OUT NOW on iTunes!!! FoReVeR FLy SUPPORT TALENTED INDEPENDENT ARTISTS #SHoTTa!!!!


Meek MiLL // Bottom (gMx) [video]

CaP 1 x DJ DraMA x E.SuDD...TRu II iT

YeLaWoLF x SuPaHoTBeaTs..TRuNK MuZik ReTURNs

TuKi x DReaMeR...GiNFaCe

@tukicarter x @godreamer directed by aTaLL guY

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NOiSey JaMaiCa LiVe FRoM SuMFeST

#doPe but this series is making me homesick :( iNeed to book a flight for suMMeRTIMe

RoC MaRCiaNo x BuTCHeRs BLock

#woRd to @rocmarci MC's #DoiTyouRSeLF!!!!

eaRL sWeaTSHiRT...WHoA

TheSe OFWGKTA youtes are funny viDeo is iLL tho diRecTed by @fucktyler

DaNNy BRoWN x THe PuRiST...JeaLOuSy

#wicked viuSual @xdannyxbrownx @thepurist #FoReVeRFLy

aSaP FeRG...40 BeLow

diReCTed by DaN THe MaN

KiNG L...HiGH 5

noT suRe iF he heard RiTTz Hi 5 but oh well...

SCoTTy aTL x EBoNy LoVe...CLaRiTy

ProDuced by @djburnone x @cardogotwings diReCTed by aNTHoNy SuPReMe...very doPe #F.A.i.T.H on the way

VaDo...RiGHT Now

this joint is tuFF @vado_mH #FoReVeRFLy

Joey BaDa$$ x DJ PReMieR...uNoRTHoDox

diReCTed by CoODie x CHike #doPe

TRaViS PoRTeR x CaP 1...FoLLieS

iLuv this...s/o to TaMMy ToRReZ on the cover pic..she dont work at follies..but U never know.... :p

MuRs x 9TH woNDeR...WHaT uP THo

@murs x @9thwondermusic off the LP THe FiNaL aDVeNTURe

iGGy aZaLea...WoRk

CoNsequeNce beat dowN by TaHiRy x Joey...#5MiN

#5MiNuTes huhhh coNS...slappiN niggaz in the back of the head x ruNNiN -_________________- haaaaaa haaaaaa he is such a pum pum

MaC MiLLeR...MoST DoPE eP 3

Saturday, March 9, 2013

THe NoTORIoUS BiG x FAiTH ...ONe MoRe ChaNCe rMx

Jay Z x 45 KiNGPiN...HaRD KnoCK LiFe

BiG // PaRTy x BuLLSHiT [video]

Produced x Dj Clark Kent. Classic

BiG // Juicy [video]

Produced x Poke of Trackmasters. R.i.P #BiG classic NYC...#FOReVeRFLy

yeLawoLF...FaST RiDe

MaC MiLLeR...MoST DoPe eP 2

FReNCH x NiCki....FReaKs

GDk...CRaCk a BRiCK

JuiCy J x BiG SeaN...SHoW ouT

auDiO PuSH x HiTbOy...TheM NiGGaz

BiSHoP LaMONT x KoBe...THe CoDe

HaRRy FraUd...aDRiFT

doPe riDDiMS @harryfraud

CHRiSeTTe miCHeLe..a CoUPLe oF FoReVeRs

U aLready know how iFeeL about my baby ChRiSeTTe she is #FoReVeRFLy @chrisetteM diReCted by DeRiCk BLaNks

DJ RHuDe x BiG // THe NoToRioUS 9 [EP]

arry Fraud, No I.D., Large Professor, The Alchemist, Jahlil Beats and a few others. Along for the ride are some respected heavyweights from the industry in Datwon Thomas (Exec. Ed. Vibe Mag) Shaheem Reid (The Round Up, XXL, Shade 45), Jayson Rodriguez (The Content King, host of The BQE), Rob Markman (MTV News) and DJ Goldfinger. They all took some out time to share their thoughts on Big. Hope everyone enjoys this tribute to one of the greatest rappers to grace the mic. RIP to the late, great Frank White. Peace. – DJ Rhude #FoReVeRFLy

Monday, March 4, 2013

CSHoT x KaOs...LiViN II Die

FOREVER FLy wORLd PReMieRe of the highly anticipated visual for the "LiVinG II Die" from @cshot featuring KaOS produced by DJ CViNCe sHoT by RaSHaD SueDe x FoReVeR FLy FiLMs off THE NEW LP "Nice From Far...Far From Nice" ouT NoW!!

NiCe FrOm Far...Far From Nice:

 "MaSTeRPieCe" OUT NOW ONLINE! "DuB PLaTe" release 4.20

RiCk RoSS...aSHaMeD

this video direction is opulent @drefilms...very hyPe @rickyrozay

TaBi BoNNey x RaHeeM DeVauGHN...FeVeR

diRected by @6ixshooter...this is my shiT @tabibonney @raheemdevaughn

Sunday, March 3, 2013

CSHOT presents #SmokedOutSundays

smoked out on oG x hash *wooooooo* puFFiN like @cshot..iTs #SmoKeDouTsuNdays fOoL...haa haa #FoReVeRFLy Prive` Apparel Collexion

ViCe...SCReWeD iN HouSToN

DaViD CHoe a MiLLioNaiRe of FB muRaL aRT..

DaVid x HaRRy...HiTCHiNG FROM Tijuana II aLaska FiNaLe

this was awesoMe ViCe

ViCe...HiTChiNG w/ DaViD CHoe III

David x HaRRy R fuckiN heelarryUS R fuckiN w/ this too!!!


ViCe...HiTChiNG frOM TiJuaNa 2 aLaSka


RaDiHeaD...How To DiSaPPeaR coMPLeTeLy


DReaM x Sway...aRTiSTRy of an aRTiST

The-Dream On Working w/ Jay-Z, IV Play Reveals The Unwritten Rule When Recording With Jay-Z

MiC GeRoNiMo...sHITs ReaL

aNTHoNy BouRdaiN...MuNCHieS

iTs #sMoKedouTsuNDays biTCh u get where I'm goiN w/ this today

ViCe...SeLLiNG weeD LeGaLLy :-)


DJ SCReaM x GuCCi x SCoOTeR...FRee BRiCKs II

this tape iS wicked!!! @gucci1017 @djscream @1youngscooter