Monday, June 30, 2014

Colin Read presents Tengu : God of Mischief | Subway Skating [video]

Wow!! This is sickest skate reel!!! Some of those tricks x shots are unreal NYC subway skating section of Tengu: God of Mischief. A film by Colin Read. Original music--made entirely of subway sounds--by Jacob Ireland. Cover photo by Allen Ying. See more of his photos at


iDGAF what U say...iFukk w/ this heavy..this beat bangin big ^ Deezuz video tuff big up Stuey "white Gucci Mane w/ a spray tan" via NeOn iCon cop here:: @JodyHighroller JODYHiGHROLLER.COM @Maddecent Directed By: Stuey Kubick Produced By: Deezuz

Curren$y "Spitta" Andretti | A Lil Sumthin'

jesus christ another dope! visual off #TheDriveInTheatre @currensy_spitta got the formula down...Filmed & Edited by Saddi Understream #jets

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bodega Bamz x The Martinez Bros | Going To D.R [video]

iFux w/ this bamz..that bitch funny as shit #FoReVeRFLy Producer: The Martinez Brother's Director/DP/Editor: Johnny Rose Co/Directed: Ohla Production Company: 100 Keep It Recordings SUNDAY SERVICE EP - Available 7/1/14 @BodegaBamz @TheMartinezBros

Dee 1 | Free Lunch x Sallie Mae [mixtape]

New Orleans representative @Dee1music gives us a brand new set of sounds earlier this week with Free Lunch & Sallie Mae. The rising talent garnered some attention for his track “Drake Concert” that made a buzz on Twitter and Billboard’s live trending charts. Other songs to look out for are “Jason Geter” and “Ms. Minnie,” where its a song dedicated to his mentor who helped him find a teaching gig after college...streamed via #livemixtapes.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amerigo Gazaway | James Brown & The Soul Mates [The Big Payback Vol.3]

A mere 3 weeks removed from the side two release of Amerigo's Yasiin Gaye project and already have another Soul Mates Remix to share. Holyshyt this is too wicked..Amerigo you have hit the funk zone...bomboclot w/ the Bob Marley "Mr Brown" intro...yow I say this again..I'm so hype I stumbled on this musician...he's talented x necessary...word. This time around, Amerigo takes on James Brown in The Big Payback Vol. 3. In the third and latest offering from "The Big Payback" summer mix-series, the producer follows the endlessly awesome first and second volumes from the legendary DJ Scratch and master craftsman, J. Period. Bringing together a fantasy league of all-stars for his "J.B. and The Soul Mates" tribute concept, the producer's latest re-imagines Brown's funkiest grooves with guest appearances from Bob Marley, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Fela Kuti, The Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, and more. "I'm not sure any other artist has left their imprint on popular music, especially across so many genres, as much as James Brown has. With as many of today's hit songs that were built around some sort of James Brown flip, it's almost like he had a say in what the music of future generations would sound like without even knowing it." The Big Payback Vol. lll >>>> @amerigo615 #ForeverFLy

Katie Got Bandz | Drillary Clinton 2 [NO DJ mixtape]

Fresh off Lawless @katiegotbandz drops the anticipated ..."iHeard they said Louie wrote for Katie" x all the fuckry gets addressed. Pop that in x #drill !!!! produced entirely by @BlockOnDaTrakk !!!

The Internet | Shadow Dance

Smoov tune...cinematography is craaaazy hype! The Internet - "Shadow Dance" Director: Rob Alexander Editor: Erick Sasso/Robert Alexander Associate producers: Trisha Cummings & Dorota Wasielewska Cinematography : Robert Alexander Make-up: Jessica Plummer

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Curren$y "Spitta" Andretti | The Drive in Theatre [5 visuals]

@currensy_spitta brings 5 dope visuals from "The Drive In Theatre" sit back light a spliff x hit play...dumb smoov #Jets #Cruiselifecc #ALL Directed by The Coolie Crew ...word. #ForeverFLy

E-40 | Bamboo

Directed by Ben Griffin @e40 via Block Brochure 4,5,6 out now!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fabolous | Playa

#TRillHD Premiere : @fabolous visual via "The Soul Tape" . Produced x Sonaro . Directed x Gerard Victor (IG @justgerard). #NY

Dark ATM | "Hustle" [video]

NY Hustle music...word!!! #DDC

Fabolous | Young OG [video]

wanted to keep the arabian theme goin..dont trip. Directed x Gerard Victor . Loso #soultape3 [NY] Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice

Sir Michael Rocks | Playstation 1.5 [video]

@sirmichaelrocks drops the 1st visual off "Banco" Directed x Robert Mario. Produced by Mikey Rocks.

Retro Su$hi | Mary Jace

@retrosushi Prod x @ChildishMajor . Dir x Max not sure if this is off "Winter in Tokyo" hit em up and ask em 4 ya brejrin.

Coldplay | A Sky Full Of Stars [video]

@coldplay film take U on a wild walk thru the streets of Sydney, Australia to bring a feel good visual . Directed x Kate Moross via "Ghost Stories" Purchase via iTunes here:: F O R E V E R F L Y

Common x Vince Staples | Kingdom [video]

Produced by No ID . Directed by Hype Williams (yes you're reading this correctly) creating a stunning short film via the LP "Nobody's Smiling purchase single here: #FoReVeRFLy

Marian Mereba | September [video]

Dope! Nough A town cameos to make this @marianmereba "September" visual Directed x Nate Edwards MarianMereba. Prod x @fortebowie A Red Kotton Music Prod. purchase @

@CSHOT | Masterpiece [mixtape]

"MaSTeRPieCe" is by far one of @cshot most polished pieces of woRK siNce "FoReVeRFLy" iT shows alotta growth lyrically! recorded entirely at "The TrackHouse" by @riabhonthebeat. iNcRediBLe verses, knockout puNchliNes, the iLlest riDDiMS froM the iLLeST producers froM super producer @ribahonthebeat to the world famous @djburnone & #Five PoiNTs MusiC GrouP, rocafella records hit maker @jahlilbeats, phoNk gOd #SPVCXGHXZTPURRP, VeRYRVRe & the mysterious time travelling CLaMs Ca$iNo.....releasiNG 8.20.2012 before my greatest LP to date "NiCe FRoM FaR...FaR FRoM NiCe out 10.11.12 . The music on the "MasTerPieCe" is so sonically & lyrically sound iTs the perfect blend of style, flava & reality definitely missing in todays climate of HiP HoP. This wiLL be another giFT to my supporters, so iF U like iT definitely check out the "PRiVe" apparel in the merch store & keep rockiN with #shotta...truss me iTs only goNNa get better!!! Keep Supporting talented iNdePendenT art & muzik w/o your help we canT exist & evolve! #FOReVeRFLy released 20 August 20XX featuring KaOs x JDaT x PoWDeR Follow Ribah On The Beat x CSHOT on Twitter x Soundcloud:

Will Brennan x Dj Burn One | Laws of Motion [EP]

Woop | Woop Lingo [mixtape]

Whenever iHit the bottom.. on the radio x streets they play the shit outta @therealwoopwoop music check out his new mixtape "Woop Lingo" 01.Woop - We Shoot [Prod. By Santana Banga] (2:18) DownloadPlay02. Woop - Damn [Prod. By Santana Banga] (4:40) DownloadPlay03. Woop - Wrapped Too Tight (Feat. Peewee Longway) [Prod. By Sonny Digital] (3:05) DownloadPlay04. Woop - Rock Out Woop [Prod. By The Avengerz] (3:49) DownloadPlay05. Woop - HMC (Feat. YG Ivy) [Prod. By King Dave] (3:01) DownloadPlay06. Woop - F'd Up [Prod. By The Mekanics] (3:49) DownloadPlay07. Woop - Meat Store [Prod. By Young Haz On Da Beat] (3:46) DownloadPlay08. Woop - Watching Me [Prod. By Big K] (3:29) DownloadPlay09. Woop - Solo Dolo Lonely [Prod. By Luney Tunez] (3:25) DownloadPlay10. Woop - What U Mean? (Feat. Caskey) [Prod. By The Avengerz] (3:27) DownloadPlay11. Woop - Woke Up Broke (Feat. P.I. Bang & Dee Boi) [Prod. By LoChinoo] (5:20) DownloadPlay12. Woop - Trap Bubblin' (Feat. Dee Boi) [Prod. By The Colleagues] (3:35) DownloadPlay13. Woop - Molly Mudd [Prod. By Sonny Digital] (3:13) DownloadPlay14. Woop - My Plug (Feat. Liek Baby) [Prod. By The Mekanics] (3:33) DownloadPlay15. Woop - In It (Feat. Kyle Denmead) [Prod. By The Avenge Woop - Woop Lingo Woop - Life [Prod. By The Mekanics & Jayze] (2:48) DownloadPlay17. Woop - Choppa Parade (Feat. Iceberg) [Prod. By Audio Jones] (3:38) DownloadPlay18. Woop - Never Happen (Feat. Juice Boyz KT) [Prod. By DJ Suede] (5:11) DownloadPlay19. Woop - Why [Prod. By Dolo Mane Da G] (3:28)

Gucci Mane x Pee Wee Long Way | W.H.I.T.E Album

@gucci1017 x @peeweelongway #FREEGUCCI

Little Simz | E.D.G.E [EP]

Heard about this young 20 yr old rapper @littlesimz on tour w/ ScHoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad in the UK, Little Simz. She just dropped her debut EP in its entirety. E.D.G.E is the follow-up to her previous Black Canvas mixtape, so iFigured iWould start here then post Black Canvas next. 13 tracks ,feat Jimi Nxir, Josh Arce, Chuck20 x Tilla bringing her "Space Age movement" 2 the forefront . “Every day gets easier" word.

Fiend [Intl Jones] | Capolavoro [video]

Title track off the #420 mixtape x @fiend4damoney. Prod x Dj SWU. Directed x Johny Rocketz

Turk | Da Real Thugga [video]

@HotBoyTurk32 drops the visual for the title track to the mixtape "Da Real Thugga" Directed x @JoeYungSpike Prod x @CassiusJay07 #FREEBG #FREEcMURDER #FREEMAC #FREEGUCCI #FREEREMY

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Young Scooter x Rocko | "Count Jug" [video]

off Street lottery II . Directed by Donovan Gold Visuals @1TakeDon

Isaiah Rashad | Modest

@IsaiahRashad -Drirected x Eric Swizz of Scheme Engine via Cilvia Demo ALBUM / MIXTAPE / #TDE

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Money Makin' Nique | Standing On The Couch

@MoneyMakinNique Directed by @JackStillz off the "Guyana Gold" tape back with another dope visual. "Standing on the couch" is the latestjoint from the Guyanese poet featuring ATL's Bawse Kitty as a woman scorned. The visual isn't at all what you would expect froma song about leaving a club section scummy, but in that fact is the beauty of it. The side exposed is the tail end of the coin, while Nique out tearing up sections his lady is at home doing what bored restless and suspicious women do... Word. F O R E V E R F L Y

RiFF RaFF x SLiM THuG x Paul Wall | How II Be The Man [rmx]

ahhhhhhh maaann this shit so throwed fukk U if U dont dig this... Prod x Dj Mustard. Directed by @drteeth iFux w/this @jodyhighroller "Neon iCon" is here bitches!!!big up @slimthugga x @paulwallbaby Pre-Order NEON iCON on iTunes: Pre-Order NEON iCON on Amazon: Pre-Order NEON iCON on Google Play: Producer: John Tucker Director: @DrTeeth Editor: Phil Sexton Record Label: Mad Decent Perf. Right Society:BMI Album Producer: DJ Mustard Copyright: 2013 @MadDecent THE DEBUT ALBUM NEON iCON FROM RiFF RAFF iS NOW AVAiLABLE FOR iTUNES, GOOGLEPLAY, AND AMAZON DiGiTAL PRE-ORDER! PRE-ORDER NEON iCON TODAY ON iTUNES & GOOGLEPLAY TO RECEiVE AN iNSTANT DOWNLOAD OF "AQUABERRY DOLPHiN (FEAT. MAC MiLLER)", "HOW TO BE THE MAN" , "HOW TO BE THE MAN" (FEAT. SLiM THUG & PAULL WALL)[HOUSTON REMiX], AND A BRAND NEW SiNGLE "KOKAYNE"!

Scotty ATL | Trash x Treasure

1 time 4 the Eastside... @ScottyATL comes wit a tuff visual for Trash And Treasure (Prod by Peso Piddy) | Video shot by Red Audio Scotty ATL puts his life into perspective on his new record "Trash & Treasure." Over smooth production from Peso Piddy, the talented rapper describes his tough journey through the industry and how he's been able to survive despite these setbacks. "Really can't complain though/Somebody envy your problems, be thankful," he quips. It's a side listeners normally don't hear from rappers, who are more likely to talk about their bankroll than share a gritty representaton of their life. In that regard, it's nice to hear someone tell it like it is without the fluff. Scotty's mixtape Spaghetti Junction is coming soon. #5PMG #CoolClub

Flatbush Zombies | Palm Trees

"Palm Trees" off of BetterOffDEAD (Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, Erick The Architect) Directed By: APLUSFILMZ.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PRiVe S|S XIV Visual LookBook :: 1080p HD

PRiVe Apparel Collexion S|S14 LKBK from CSHOT on Vimeo.

#FoReVeRFLy proudly presents the @prive_apparel visual lookbook ...#PRiVe ColleXioN is an urban apparel brand designed by @cshot est.2010 via his brand Forever FLy LLC *ATL x MIA x FR x LA x NY x LON * ...this lookbook showcases some of the various pieces we have launched such as the "Pistols" series, the newest x most popular "Haterade" series, Spoiled Brat and signature hoodies, tanks,crews and v-neck shirts. We carry clothing pieces for both male x female as well as smaller sizes as well...lingerie for women and snapback hats as well. We are growing everyday but our clintele appreciated the quality of 100 % percent blended woven cotton, attention to detail and the fact that the packaging comes with a physical CD release from international Hip Hop Reggae hybrid artist CSHOT and a sticker as well (while our supplies last). Our Motto "Never Blend in...Stand out... should resonate w/ the supporters of our clothing lines...their spirt of exclusivity is part of the drive that pushes us to create affordable...gear that not only looks dope but will stand the test of time throughout the ever changing fashion trend. Music by @cshot "Hello" x "Check" scored by super producer @ribahonthebeat (get @ him ...his riddims R insane) recorded @ the Trackhouse by @ribahonthebeat via the "Forever Fly" LP on Amazon, Best Buy, and @iTunesmusic: Please support talented independent artists: Be Bold...Be Great but never BeHave... #FoReVeRFLy in #PRiVe

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"A Day in The Life of Tim Friday" [short film]

Visual Artist/ Director : @whoiscoreydavis who brought you "J is for Junkie" , "We Ballin" and much more releases "A Day in The Life of Tim Friday" All Tim Friday wants to do is party with hot girls who ride bicycles. Unfortunately, his fun is inhibited along the way as he traverses through a series of unfortunate events. A Day In The Life of Tim Friday is a rare real-life snapshot of Atlanta's Afro-punk subculture, a film about searching for a small piece of happiness in a big city. [Directed by Corey Davis | Written by Sean Fahie] via Greedmont Park

Mos Def x Marvin Gaye | Yasiin Gaye :: The Return (Side II)

#ForeverFly is very hype to finally share “The Return” (Side Two) of Amerigo's Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) + Marvin Gaye conceptual collaboration, “Yasiin Gaye.” Shifting focus for the project's second installment, the producer aimed to highlight the often overlooked accomplishments of Marvin Gaye's role as the producer. Amerigo Gazaway :: "I wanted to build this side from more of Marvin's original production work. He was doing a lot of what we do now, in terms of looping and pulling samples from other pre-recorded sessions decades before hip-hop made it common practice to do so. This also gave me the room to feature other artist [Chuck Berry, The Temptations, Talib, etc.] and re-present those classic Mos [Def] verses in a new context. To shed light on our copyright battles (and the urgent need for reform), we teamed up with New Yorker magazine cartoonist, Drew Dernavich, who created the satirical visuals for the album's artwork. Grab the full album below and look out for Amerigo's detailed liner-notes included with your download." -The Soul Mates Project- Music: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Mixcloud: Soundcloud: For booking, contact: For all other inquiries, please contact:

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib | Thuggin

iHad this up like 2 yrs ago then it got clipped ...I clip all dead links so iFigured it was a good time to rewind... @freedigibbs x @madlib #cocainepinata

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib | Deeper

Been waiting for this...very hype @FreddieGibbs x @Madlib “Deeper” Producer: Madlib Album: PiƱata Director: Jonah Schwartz #ESGN

Jack White | Lazaretto [video]

Music video for Jack White's "Lazaretto" directed by Jonas & Francois. From Jack White's new album LAZARETTO out June 9th/10th. Pre-order LAZARETTO now on iTunes and receive "High Ball Stepper," "Lazaretto," and "Just One Drink" instantly: Pre-order the LAZARETTO Ultra LP Music video by Jack White performing Lazaretto. (C) 2014 Third Man Records under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CSHOT x JR | Waste Time

#FOREVERFLY is proud to present the exclusive 1st look of the visual for @cshot x JR "Waste Time" produced by Dj Dynasty directed x CSHOT x Suede via @foreverfly_llc live from the A setting the backdrop for a thought provoking visual for the most DL song off THE critically acclaimed "Forever FLy" LP available on iTunes: #SHOTTA Support Talented independent artists!!! Support Talented independent artists!!! #SmokedOutSundays #FREE mixtapes here too!!! @cshot :: twitter @ cshot : : Shotta!!! F O R E V E R F L Y

Trouble x Big Bank Black | In The Ghetto

iFux w/ this so tuff!!!! Trouble (@troubledte) Ft. Big Bank Black via: The Return Of Dec 17th DuctTape ENT Directed x : @1TakeDON MOB Zone 6 Stand Up EA all day...posted x the red sto #FoReVeRFLy