Friday, November 11, 2011

CSHOT presents "Fly with Me"

Super high right now w/ clear blue skies outside my window & its 11/11/11 Cshot presents the new LP "Fly with Me" engineered @ the Trackhouse by Ribah on the Beat...featuring Gucci Mane, Young Dirty, Jona Crooner, Woodboy with production from Don Cannon, The Olympicks, Drumma Boy, Supa Dups, Dj Cvince, Young Dirty,L.E.$ and Flawless & Young RJ. Limited Edition sets w/ the "PriVe" clothing Forever FLY designed Fly with Me T will be available for order *very limited supply*...So take a seat, recline, fasten your seat belt and "Fly with Me" #SHOTTA

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CSHOT..2 Live N Ride N the A

Ohhhh shit...11.11.11 is almost here and that means CSHOT LP "Fly with Me" is almost out...I been waiting to hear the new new I got this from him off his bandcamp page & iMust say it is super wicked!!! In a world today where everything is available he grabbed the coveted 2 pac classic 2 live & ride in LA beat w/o it being the real actual beat. If you didnt know Hurt em bad produced it originally & went completely off the grid when pac died and never released any of the instrumental other than Hail Mary (true story). C actually wrote a letter to his supporters explaining how much the song means to him which was actually pretty dope! Do other rappers even care about their music anymore?????

Anyway, puff a spliff & check it out!!!! Fly with Me #SHOTTA

track name
album and band name

"This is not only a tribute to my city*ATL* but also to my greatest hip hop inspiration 2 pac Shakur...s/o to DJ Cvince for taking the incredible task of replaying this masterpiece by paino"#SALUTE b/c the original track was produced by Hurt Em Bad who never released an instrumental off 2 pac's "makavelli" album as a sign of respect... except for Hail Mary of course but you get my drift (try to find them i dare U). Just like 2pac I moved to the city iLuv so as he came from Baltimore to marin city..then later to LA his love grew just as mine coming from Montego Bay, JA to ATL, GA. This track is very special & personal as I wrote this rhyme so long ago you wouldnt even believe me & could never find the right instrumental to compliment it until now....You can actually hear my unscripted "sigh" of relief at the beginning..."I swear I felt the ghost of Pac when I put this down"(no punchline) I spit this joint 1 take w/ @ribahonthebeat on the boards...I wondered about the backlash I would receive from LA or PAc fans but if they listen and hear & maybe read this or tweet me to find out the real reason I put this down for completely for my love of "A"...Zone 6 to Zone 1 stand Up this for US & everybody that has taken a ride thru the A & felt that feeling that only ridN in the A can bring!" #SHOTTA
"II live & Ride N da A"

"I swear I felt the ghost a Pac
When I put this down
Just like him I luv my city
This for You A town" CSHOT
released 11 November 2011
produced by DJ Cvince

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been listening to Black N Brown which I posted some past blogs ago & I just had to put yall up on game if you dont already know about Danny Brown which is the 1st time I got to hear him on a project by himself...his lyrics are #MAD & the production is ill. He's from Detroit & I believe the producers like Skywalker, Brandon Deshay & paul white R 2 I fuxx w/him (no homo) and I hope he get a shot @ mainstream success b4 he OD's (i joke..i joke...i kidd..i kiddd)

Check out XXX and let me know what you think dude is beastN & his style is so unique we need more carefree rappers < #SW^G

1. XXX (prod. Frank Dukes)
2. Die Like A Rockstar (prod. Skywlkr)
3. Pac Blood (prod. Brandun Deshay)
4. Radio Song (prod. Brandun Deshay)
5. Lie4 (prod. Skywlkr)
6. I Will (prod. Squadda Bambino)
7. Bruiser Brigade f. Dopehead (prod. Skywlkr)
8. Detroit187 f. Chip$ (prod. Nick Speed)
9. Monopoly (prod. Quelle)
10. Blunt After Blunt (prod. Skywlkr)
11. Outer Space (prod. Skywlkr)
12. Adderol Admiral (prod. Paul White)
13. DNA (prod. Frank Dukes)
14. Nosebleeds (prod. DJ HouseShoes)
15. Party All the Time (prod. Brandun Deshay)
16. EWNESW (prod. Quelle)
17. Fields (prod. Paul White)
18. Scrap or Die (prod. Paul White)
19. 30 (prod. Skywlkr)

His collab album with super producer Black Milk "Black N Brown" is out #NOW..plzzz support talented independent HIP HOP

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PUSHA T...Fear of God EP out today!!!! #COP THAT

grindN some white widow how could iForget to post Pusha T "Fear of God" EP I actually own this..iAm not posting any links b/c this joint is hard (no homo) iFux w/ Push heavy you need to cop it to ride...if you still do that kind of thing...its only 8 bucks...

01. Changing Of The Guards (Ft. Diddy)
02. Amen Ft. Kanye West and Young Jeezy
03. Trouble On My Mind Ft. Tyler, The Creator
04. What Dreams Are Made Of
05. Body Work Ft. Juicy J, Meek Mill, and French Montana
06. Everything That Glitters Ft. French Montana
07. So Obvious
08. Feeling Myself Ft. Kevin Cossom
09. Raid Ft. 50 Cent and Pharrell
10. My God
11. I Still Wanna Ft. Rick Ross and Ab Liva
12. Alone In Vegas

FEAR of GOD...u b@tches!!!


Banks new mixtape Cold Corner 2 with features Styles P, ASAP, Fif, Yayo & a gang of other rappers...SouthSIde Jamaica style!!!


It seems like this always happens now a days so artists even plan and prepare for it but that day is today people & what can iSay...not boad @ all. Abel (the weekend) provided an almost more R&B feel than a rap album in my opinion but it definitely has its Hip Hop moments which is cool. Plus you dont really expect Drizzy to come out w/ super hard muzik so it's nice for whatever genre it falls into. The pundits are gonna have a field day tho..I'm just amore of a lenient listener...IWonder what you'll think about it?

Now iDidn't spring the leak i"m just merely a journalist placing the link iGot my copy from so don't shoot the messenger x_x

Take Care (pun intended)

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love f. The Weeknd
5. Take Care f. Rihanna
6. Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive (Interlude)
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We’ll Be Fine
9. Make Me Proud f. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows f. Rick Ross
11. Cameras/Good Ones Go (Interlude)
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her f. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
14. HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin Right) f. Lil Wayne
15. Look What You’ve Done
16. Practice
Bonus Track
18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. Untitled f. Lil Wayne

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday RAP-A-LOT

Most of my readers aren't even 25 for a record label to last 25 years I'm gonna need you to give respect where respect is due. JPrince built legacy From Geto Boyz, UGK, Tela, Rick Ross, Scarface, Z-ro and much much more. Without Prince none of these groups or many of your favorite rappers wouldnt even have a voice, and is still making money to this day! #SALUTE...iThink they're gonna release a compilation remaking classics and this is the 1st song I nabbed "Money & the Power" 2k11...scarface's songs are damn near untouchable but Bun B & Birdman did this rmx justice... check it out!! #SHOTTA

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


2 chainz is here with his highly promoted & anticipated T.R.U. Realigion mixtape hosted by Dj I could go on explaining the title but iWont so check out the homie 2 chainz featuring Dolla, Cap 1, Raekwon, Jadakis, dare iEven say Kreashawn and some more heavyweights...Yeah if you hate on 2 chainz's grind (joey) you R such a queer!

01. 2 Chainz - Intro (0:39)
02. 2 Chainz - Got One [Prod. By Mike Will] (3:07)
03. 2 Chainz - Undastatement [Prod. By Lex Luger & Southside] (3:33)
04. 2 Chainz - Turn Up (Feat. Cap 1) [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (3:59)
05. 2 Chainz - Riot [Prod. By Dj Spinz] (2:43)
06. 2 Chainz - Stunt (Feat. Meek Mill) [Prod. By G Fresh] (3:25)
07. 2 Chainz - Viagra [Prod. By Fatboi] (3:57)
08. 2 Chainz - Spend It (Feat. T.I.) [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (3:43)
09. 2 Chainz - I'm Tity Boi (Skit) (0:28)
10. 2 Chainz - Murder (Feat. Kreayshawn) [Prod. By C Note] (3:13)
11. 2 Chainz - Slangin' Birds (Feat. Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti & Birdman) [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (4:41)
12. 2 Chainz - Addicted To Rubberbands (Feat. J Hard) [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (3:35)
13. 2 Chainz - Money Makin' Mission [Prod. By Lex Luger] (3:05)
14. 2 Chainz - K.O. (Feat. Big Sean) [Prod. By KB & Josh Holiday] (3:46)
15. 2 Chainz - One Day At A Time (Feat. Jadakiss) [Prod. By Cash Hits] (4:28)
16. 2 Chainz - The Real University (Skit) (0:55)
17. 2 Chainz - Letter To Da Rap Game (Feat. Dolla Boy & Raekwon) [Prod. By M16] (4:59)
18. 2 Chainz - I Got It (Feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. By Mayo] (3:47)
19. 2 Chainz - Kesha [Prod. By Chophouze] (3:30)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Count & Moonie chi town's own L.E.P Bogus Boys bring you their new installment "Now or Neva" before the album...hosted by Green Lantern get your skee mask ready


Ok...Ok...iSmoked too much passed out & forgot to post Jim Jones new mixtape "Vampire Life" just in time for halloween *spooky*