Friday, March 30, 2012

CSHOT_All my TaTTooS

CSHOT sent foreverflytv the first listen off the new genre defiNing LP "ToPsHoTTaHiPHoP" 4.20.2012..."All my Tattoos" produced by DJ Burn 1! iF this is an indication of whats to come I'm pretty syced to hear this tape...we fuck w/CSHOT tuFF around here & you should 2!!! From what the email said we should get 1 more track tomorrow & the last release on #SmokEdOutSunDay..ILike that idea..kinda like the beginning countdown to the 1st week it april. Today is actually national cleavage day?? (dont ask me) so iThink the single art fits...check it out!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nas "The Don"

iCould've sworn iUploaded this a while ago when iFirst got it but yeah iBeen lazy as hell...any way check the Heavy D/Salaam Remi produced iLL super cat sample haviN "The Don" iThink iPut "Nasty" up but fuck it i'll put that there too for all the Nas headz such myself!!!! #LifeiSgOOd is soundiN real nice...check my throwback pic R.I.P Big L & Huddy...just know the realest niggaz fuck w/ Nasty not just #SHOTTA



"Swine my brother" #LMAO shit dont look at me iCan definitely laugh b/c of the amount of the shit iGet from people daily because I've been vegan(recent pescatarian..look it up) since 03...this is just something your gonna have to deal with by yourselves brothers & sisters...#SHOTTA

WTF? Supermarket Chicken Is Actually Pork?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush stood up for Trayvon Martin in an incredible way wearing his hoodie on the floor live!!! With continued justice for Trayvon efforts to bring Zimmerman to justice for this brutal slaying! The fact that they're now tring to peg young trayvon as a criminal is just mind boggling...iTruly just want to say thank you to Congressman Bobby Rush for standing up for this in justice even though you were suspended it was a great cause!!!! We need more leaders like him!!! Lets STAND UP!!!! Trayvon could've been your cousin, brother, son or even friend!!


Congressman Bobby Rush Kicked Off House Floor For Wearing Hoodie #riptrayvonmartin

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

431 DAYS....

With all the toes my brejrin Alley Boy steppiN on w/ the super hard "Nigganati" its seems like perfect time for the new mixtape from the homie down w/Duct Tape Ent from day 1....artist Trouble "431 days" hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ Teknikz & DJ Frank White. Follow him @TroubleDTE....

1.Trouble-Mob Shit Feat Big Bank Black Prod By Beat Billionaire
2.Trouble-It s Time Prod By Jay Cornell
3.Trouble-YURRRD Prod By C Webb
4.Trouble-ATL Feat Alley Boy Prod By Tone Bone
5.Trouble-Take It Feat Eldorado Red Prod By Grade A Muzik
6.Trouble-GO Feat Alley Boy Armstrong Prod By Chaz Dre
7.Trouble-U Don t Deserve Dat Prod By The Olympicks
8.Trouble-D.R.A.M.A Prod By Cardo
9.Trouble-Hustle Ambition Feat Gucci Mane Prod By FKi Mayhem
10.Trouble-Free Interlude Prod By TrackZone
11.Trouble-I Know Feat Tyree Thomas Prod By Ivy League
12.Trouble-Would You Feat Verse Simmonds Prod By DJ Toomp
13.Trouble-All I m Worried About Feat Scalez Prod By Tha Bizness
14.Trouble-Never Understand Feat Bun-B Prod By B Dot
15.Trouble-Let Them Tell It Prod By Fly Boy
16.Trouble-Characters Prod By Jaytastic
17.Trouble-F ck Shit Crew THE MOB Feat Big Bank Black Alley Boy Pesci 59 Thirty-Six B Green Undadog Vel

Monday, March 26, 2012


iLike the play off the original 400 degrees& the artowrok is dope...iSee i'm not the only graphic designer luvin the simplicity of the minimalist approach but when iTried to do for anther female rapper which will remain nameless but anyway...YG drops a mixtape which iActually haven't listened to it yet iHad a busy weekend making muzik, designing & had the ordeal of going out w/ 3 different chicks since Friday but met another Saturday but she keeps blowiN me up "plzzz dont call up my batttry...gir that aint even attrative) so I'm deadiN that but iWas 4 chicks 400 hunnid degrees bunniN bubba kush no purple trees word to YG #SHOTTA...lets listen together....

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yeaahhh my girl iGGy is in this 1...ok yeah yeah so i'm hype b/c iKnow her personally but iDid think her punchlines were harder than..."iCant FinD a Lamborghini power wheel anywhere"0_0
But iDont have kids sooooo but "Box w/ a bear..b4 iHit it bare" (iLike)& mClemore or whatever his name is spit the thesis he wrote in college & why was his shit that long?? ummm yeah....& even though Kid ink stole "i just want it All" from CSHOT iWont hate on his freestyle b/c it was #NiCE! but u be judge....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i'm just gonna keep my opinions to myself but where my homegyrl iggy @ thats cold...What did yall think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wiz dropped the new tape today "Taylor Allderdice (no iDont know what it means) & it looks to be getting heavy amount of DL's...enough to knock com servers..Of course my readers dont have to worry about that u know #SHOTTA always got that mediafire link for ya...Definitely worth checking out & peep the collab out w/ his fiance amber rose & rozay on "Never Been II" let me know what yall think....#ForeVerFLY

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rocko: G.O.G No DJ

go dj...nah this no dj lol...seriously DjScream is my man 50 grand & all that but ibeen waiting for the no DJ version just for that "thumb thru a check"..iKnow U were 2..*dont lie*

fuck the playlist...get it yourself puto haaa..haaaa #SHOTTA

Jeezy Video...Leave You Alone...

iThink TM103 was definitely one of the stoundout releases of were bananas (just like dat) kills my kickers...& this song "Leave You Alone" featuring ne-yo produced by Warren G was a notable track off the project backed up a damn near movie video...iActually like the song right off the bat hearing the first time b/c of course iGot an early copy but iBought 1 b/c it was tight muzik. Video is a real good look & pick up that TM103 its worth the fetti..#SHOTTA

Monday, March 5, 2012


this brought me outta blogging hibernation...iDont even have to say too many words...Big K.R.I.T just dropped the new tape 4 eva & a day produced entirely by the man himself...x my fingers b/c in my heart of hearts iKnow this is gonna be #EPic but i've been disappointed before...Just Dl & judge later...p.s. Did Db do the artowrk or was it the factory...iFuck w/ both of them tough right now (pause)...

iGotta light 1 up still!!!