Friday, March 30, 2018

@CSHOT // B.M.B πŸ”₯ [video]

Shotta pourin 100s out the cereal box is definitely my #MOOD this morning >>> Bare Tings. Produced x Troy McLean & G. Hamilton. Directed x CSHOT. Shot x Kenneth "Dirt' Wallace !! Starring KP,Dirty Dickens Terry Gordon and @BigBlackBiscuit (Yes The Big Black Biscuit that was on the new b/c the banned the BBB #GatLanta logo) via #BareTings @foreverfly_llc !!Forever Fly !! Recorded at TrackHouse Studios ATL, GA x @RibahOnTheBeat ...another new LP produced entirely by @ribahonthebeat on the way too.. 4/20 ... #SayLess !!! Forever Fly !!! #BareTings OUT NOW Follow Dirty Dickens Follow Big Black Biscuit Follow Forever Fy Check out some fly gear for Men x Women designed x @cshot ✖ PrivΓ© Apparel ✖ Collexion Released 4:20 am on 4/20 Forever Fly LLC 2017.

Dirty Dickens // Spare a Dime [video]

me when a thot ask mi 4 money to get her hair done :D >>> Prod x Loop Ferigno. Directed x Kenneth "Dirt" Wallace. Artist Website: Twitter:

100s // Brick $ell Phone [video]

hold up wait a minute...let mi put some pimpin' in it >>> said it b4 & I'll say it again...100s the coldest nigga rappin' w/ a perm since ICE-T. #iCEcOLdPerm Directed x Chris Simmons.

Amy Winehouse // Fuck Me Pumps [video]

"Frank" was my shit >>. really miss Amy. #RIPQuuen Prod x Salaam Remi. Dir x Marlene Rhein.

SZA // Broken Clocks [video]

now iKnow SZA & iAre meant for each other...she's into Wes Anderson & Spike Lee movies like me >>> if U dont know the classic films this is adapted from...that is your easter homework kids. CTRL is platinum by the way :D Still love >> #TDE Produced x ThankGod4Cody. Directed x Dave Free & SZA. @SZA

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tyler, The Creator // OKRA [video]

B A R S. dir: wolf haley dp: luis panch perez ( additional shots by wyatt) prod: happy place @tylerthecreator

Trill Sammy x Slim Jxmmi // Feel Better [video]

...make me feel better.. Directed x TopShelfCompany ►Instagram - @trillsammy

Sosamann x Sauce Walka // Light Bulb [video]

Word 2 Sosaman a bitch dont get right she get left >>> Driiiiiiiiip. Dir x "LewisYouNasty" @sosamann @sauce_walka102

Key! // Live Slow, Die Old [video]

#TBT w/ 1 of my favs from Key! & Gunner behind the lens...iFucked w/ the art from early 9 years. Can it B that it was all so simple then. Directed x Gunner Stahl. @fatmankey

Trouble x Drake // Bring It Back [video]

trouble trouble back home & back w/ a new banger w/ drizzy & bangin' album "Edgewood." This is not the Edgewood U see on videos downtown, Edgewood Courts real 6 shit >>>> ATL stand up 4 a real one, real is rare. DTE the MOB. Produced x Mike Will Made IT. Directed x Derek Schklar. A Freenjoy / The Invisible Hand Production. @troubledte

Royce da 5'9" x J. Cole // Boblo Boat [video]

Royce takes us on a trip thru this Detroit childhood memories & brught the only feature on his "Book Of Ryan" album along for the journey. I'm here 4 it >>>> Preorder the new Royce 5'9 album 'Book of Ryan' - Prod x 808 Ray & Cool & Dre. Dir x J.Cole. @oyceda59 2018 Heaven Studios, Inc. & Entertainment One U.S., LP

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

(Two-9) Curtis Williams x Key! & Jace // Shake Em Off (C&S) [video]

taking U back 2 2012 Key! had "Mothers Are To Blame" bunnin' up...Gunner was directing videos, Dexter was killin the riddims on that good gas my baby Osh in the bulding Two-9 all together smoked out & screwed up...beautiful thing. #FreeDexter Produced Chopped & Screwed x Dexter Dukarus. Directed x Gunner Stahl. two-9FRVR

Maxo Kream x D Flowers // Go [video]

Jesus christ this beat hard *pause* Maxo & D went dumb on this shit...Go young nigga >>> #Punken Produced x Rich Mula. Listen to Punken on Spotify.

Goonew x Esco // Touchdown [video]

Esco meeting his plug on Bouldercrest >>> #GangGang DMV - ATL Hey Auntie. GoonWick Out Now!! Directed x @ChasinSaksFilms @hoodrich_goon

Monday, March 26, 2018

Lil Dude // Limpin [video]

#Trapnanana Luciano 2.0. Prod x Good Intent. Dir x FoolWithTheCam. @lildudeluciano

Famous Dex // Dex Meets Dexter (Episode 1) [video]

Dex Meets Dexter >>> Dex Meets Dexter coming soon 4/6/18 Directed x Xavier Andrews. @famousdex

Rich The Kid // Plug Walk [video]

Rich & Lil Mayo breaking bad on bih >>> RTK is officially no longer the 4th is on billboard respect his grind. Prod x Lab Cook. Directed x Daps. @richthekid

Rich The Kid // Dead Friends (Lil Uzi Vert Diss) [video]

RTK like fucc that fool We "beefin" word 2 wendy's :D lmao. Dir. @LOUIEKNOWS @RichTheKid

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Big Tymers // Big Ballin' πŸ”₯ [video]

how I'm feelin' rn playboy *pause >>> 1998..better dayz. Prod x Mannie Fresh. Dir x Nick Quested.

Jay Storm // Lane Switchin’ πŸ’¨ [video]

since that fool soulja boy just jacked 1 of my fav young jits Jay Storm's riddim for his new "Bands Up" song & wont @ least give him credit. I gotta throw some new heat frm the young triple threat πŸ’« Pick a lane no lane switchin' skrrrrrtt. Prod x @GamerBoomin Dir. @dotcomnirvan Shot x @mikefilms & @BasedDaniel

Rob $tone // Uncle Ben [video]

"uncle ben U washed" lmao >>> Shot and Edited x Fabrizio Siboldi. Instagram: @youngrobstone

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tommy Genesis // Tommy πŸ”₯ [video]

Gotdamn, name a bitch named Tommy hotter than Tommy? I'll wait. Awful Records. Produced x Charlie. @tommygenesis

Pastor Troy // Move To Mars πŸ”₯ [video]

Bombxclxxt PT dropped a video for the classic tune off the classic "Face Off" album released in 2001... Pastor Troy created timeless classics. This man rapped & produced this b4 he was even legal. He is dirty South royalty. Respect that. DSGB. Produced x Pastor Troy. Directed x @masartfilms . @Pastortroydsgb

Jean Grae x Quelle Chris // Gold Purple Orange [video]

my love Jean Grae is back in a relationship & even though its not w/ me I'm glad she's happy w/ Quelle & making dope music Which is the best part. From the album Jean Grae & Quelle Chris "Everything's Fine" Guest Starring Dane Orr, Eric Andre, Anna Wise, Hannibal Buress,, Denmark Vessey, Duncecap, Jonathan Hoard, Littles The Cat. music produced x Quelle Chris. featuring Dane Orr on Sax. directed x Jean Grae. Jean Grae Says… "Glamour photo shoots from the 1980s. They’re beautiful. They’re soft. They’re expressive. People have the best shots and expressions. Not to mention- props. Not to mention backdrops. Yet, I have mentioned them. When we came up with the album title, I started thinking about what kind of photos best expressed that statement. It was instantly the awkward, temporary confident smile of an 80s glamour shot. What could make that even more awkward? Holding that pose for a very long time. It’s a metaphor for the sociopolitical state of our global community. Just kidding. It’s commentary on the treatment of British orphans in the 1800s. Just kidding. It’s not being afraid to be yourself, for a long period of time. Even if that seems uncomfortable. Not kidding. Just kidding. No I’m not. It’s about sandwiches. There are none in the video. It’s a fun video. Our friends are in it. We played dress up. I love editing and shooting and directing videos. In that way, it was also a fucking blast. I shot it in our living room, and now we own entirely too many 1980s backdrops for photo shoots. Shout out to the amazing Mindy Tucker, who shot the original album art and press photos, because we then continued with the look, to keep the project cohesive. Really, it was a wonderful artwork shoot for both experiences." Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group, 2018

100s // 1999 πŸ”₯ [video]

100s was the coldest mack/model w/ a perm since Ice-T to rap on a mic. I need 1 more album fuck it an EP w/o auto tune πŸ™πŸΎ this was dope b/c CSHOT & 100s both used House Party interludes on their classic taspes of that year respectively #IceColdPerm x #Masterpiece . Go look that up jits that’s your homework assignment. Director: Seaside Stretch. Producer: Giovani Hidalgo. D.P.: Marco Bercasio. Editor: Giovani Hidalgo. Colorist: Eddie Chang.

Le$ // What? [video]

#SteakxShrimp Directed x @OgDannyocean for Evesborough Texas Rattle Snake EP out now. @steakxshrimp

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dionne Farris // Hopeless (Love Jones SDTRK) [video]

wanted to add Miss Farris to the mix...since I'm appreciating my black queen. This song was the soundtrack to my life at a certain point, of course b/c of the photography , black love & over all cool vibe of this groundbreaking film. Never mind that Miss Farris is the mom of young Baby Tate & iDid her portraits b4 her #CuddyBuddy campaign even began. I would consider that full circle. :D Forever Fly. Produced x Cassie. Directed x Theodore Witcher. Love Jones is a 1997 American romantic drama film written and directed by Theodore Witcher, in his feature film debut. It stars Larenz Tate, Nia Long, Isaiah Washington, Bill Bellamy, and Lisa Nicole Carson. Look that up. U need this in your collection.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Lauryn Hill // Doo-Wop (That Thing) [video]

Arguably one of the greatest female MC's or fuck that greatest artist(s) this album the Miseducation: Changed lives forever. "Zion" was just played at my little cousin EZion's funeral (R.I.P my young prince) this kind of music transcends generations. This was also written & produced by Ms. Hill which is why iChose to post this. This was definitely not the best song on this classic album but this video skyrocketed her to mega stardom I remember this was literally everywhere when iWas a jit. Good times. Produced x Lauren Hill. Directed x Andy Delaney x Big T.V & Monty Whitebloom.

Amel Larrieux // Sweet Misery [video]

iWoke up wanting to celebrate the black woman but iDidnt know hw to express it so playing ne of my favorite artists Amel Larrieux, her voice is so soothing to the sweetest of misery. Produced x Laru Larrieux. @amellarrieux

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bishop Nehru // Rooftops [video]

If a tree falls in the forest & U aint there / Does it still make a sund / Or will sound disappear? Yo my son bishop dead nice. ELEVATORS: ACT I & II" A Kaytranada & MF DOOM Production. Produced x MF DOOM. Written x Bishop Nehru. Directed x Ramez "Mezzy" Silyan. @BishopNehru

VADO // Diplomatic Immunity / Freestyle [video]

this is diplomatic immunity understand who U standing wit >>> Vado had nuff steam 2 blow off *pause. Directed by: Wolf Creation Films Follow on IG / Twitter: @Vado_MH Download VADO's mixtapes:

Roc Marciano // The Sauce & Corniche Feat Action Bronson [video]

this that bitter dose fool >>> dope what Roc Marci did & streamed it for $30 str8 from his site for #RR2 ..Roc Marci aint tryna rap for no "sneaker money." The Sauce - Produced x Roc Marci [Track 9] & Corniche featuring Action Bronson- Produced x Roc Marci [Track 4] Directed x Roc Marciano. Shot x Hotsoupny. Edited x David Sakolsky. Follow Roc Marciano @rocmarci on Twitter and Instagram. Copyright 2018 Marci Enterprises LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Simba // 500 Bars Pt.2 [video]

Free young Simba this jit had the DMV on tilt...Maryland never really had any energy come outta there like this..smh. Directed & Edited x MotionPicture Larry.

Trouble // Real Is Rare [video]

F A C T $ . Jesus this wicked. Trouble signed w/ Ear Drummers & dropped that real. Rare. #Edgewood Produced x Mike Will Made It. Directed x Derek Schklar. Production Company: Freenjoy. A Freenjoy / The Invisible Hand Production. Follow Trouble:

Monday, March 12, 2018

Blac Youngsta // Fast bricks!! [video]

Blac Youngsta was servin' fools Fast Bricks back in the gap...fuck around he sound like Yo Gotti innit..lotta fools dont know Playa Fly put Blac Youngsta in the game Minnie Mae Mafia on his chain in this video if there was any specualtion. Just wanted to take it back to the gutta...everyting & errybody kinda polished now but it want like that..iRemember. Directed x SpvSpLtv.

Gucci Mane // No Pad No Pencil DVD (HOOD AFFAIRS TV 2007) [video]

woke up in my bag & wanted to see some of the raw DVD's I used to watch religiously when iWas a jit b4 youtube. I'm a take U from Zone 6 to the Screwston , TX. This was the real days that $100 haircut days when BMF was feeding the streets of the A & we were all eating & on all dat fuck shit...#RIP to Black Magik. Remember this like yesterday, Gucci booked Patchwerk Studios to record a freestyle mixtape & DVD (which cost a check) & created a legendary moment in time. OJ the Juiceman was fresh out the trenches & Waka was only a shooter/hypeman This is far from the polished Wop U know & love now. This was the skreet nigga Gucci.


Pimp C more than a legend...a dirty south icon. Undergound King. This came out celebrationg The Pimp's release from Harris County & the meteoric rise of Sweet James Jones. Sweet James Jones forever. Forever Fly. I still own this DVD/CD. Classic.

Slim Thug // Vol.1 The Beginning (DOCUMENTARY) [video]

Slim Thug story is a good easy come up shit...this man a legend..this is only Vol. 1. Boss Hogg Outlaw. TX Directed x Break Dem Boyz Off Films.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Joi // Stare At Me [video]

My Dungeon Family Queen Joi dropped some fonk to put us in a trance while we politely "stare" @ her ...DL her in your memory >>> Download "Stare At Me' & Pre-Order SIR Rebekkah Holylove:

@CSHOT // U Can Fly II ✈️ [video]

smoov ...this is music U can U can Fly II...Forever Fly..."Fly w/ mi U can Fly II..." >>> S H O T T A. Produced x The Olympicks. Directed x CSHOT. Shot x Suede. #BareTings OUT NOW!!! ...another new LP produced entirely by @ribahonthebeat on the way too..#SayLess !!! Forever Fly !!! #SmokedOutSundays OUT NOW Follow | CSHOT

Curren$y // Billy Ocean [video]

Spitta drops off another Cardo joint for S|S 18 via The Spring Collection EP >>> Produced x Cardo. Directed x @dexstr8dope__ @currensy_spitta

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wa$tee x Tay-K // Get It / Juvy [video]

Ayyy young Wa$tee back w/ dat fye!!! fool got a Tay-K how these jits reppin' each other >>> #FreeTayK Directed x Half Pint. @wasteeymonroe on IG

Sauce Walka x Slim Thug x Sancho Saucy // Money Fever [video]

Lord have mercy jesus Thugga & Sauce back w/ money fever >>>> Produced x DMB.

G Perico // Everybody [video]

Where Rico cut from they dont make this fabric... Produced x Poly Boy. Directed x ApolloCamera. So Way Out.

Lil Dude x Hoodrich Pablo // Only Option [video]

TrapNanana >>>> Luciano 2.0. Produced x Spiffy. Directed x Savani Productions. @lildudeluciano

Key! x Jace // Cheesesteak [video]

Act normal, act normal. Produced x Ducko Mcfli x FranchiseDidIt x TeeWatt. @retrojace @fatmankey

Valee x Pusha T // Miami [video]

G.O.O.D. MUSIC Found Valee, Good job. Produced x Rio Mac. Directed x Hebru Brantley. @Valle

Z-Money // Bitcoin [video]

Zmoney got that cryptocurrency. Produced x Rio Mac. Directed x @Lvtrtoinne @zmoneyworld

Bootsy Collins x Kali Uchis // Worth My While [video]

The fonk ship has landed >>> " Bootsy Collins grabs Kali Uchis fr his lead single from the Bootsy Collins' album Worth My While, his first in 6 years. Cop that its defnitely Worth Your While. CD & Splatter Vinyl: Stream: @bootsy_collins