Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CoRey DaVis pReSeNTs...J iS 4 JuNkie

Greedmont TV presents a documentary by Corey Davis on a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the "Living Room." They share their stories and tell us what it's like to battle with a deadly addiction to crack-cocaine. "Growing up I never had a father, because he was out running the streets getting high... Right around the time I was born, the mid 80′s, African-American communities across the country was struck by the crack epidemic. Which robbed us our prideful culture and instantly perverted it into a counter-culture where playgrounds became warzones and families were destroyed." [Directed by Corey Davis] s/o to CReaTiVe CoNTroL "Gritty and inspiring" -Damon Dash

CaP 1...6 am

@richiecap1 s/o to the homie @amber priddy

ELDoRaDo ReD..4 PoTs

produced by @zaytoven

SuPeR CaT...My GiRL JoSePhiNe

aLLey Boy...apaRTMeNTs

this shit #ThuGGin @alleyboydte dTe the MOB!!!

G x D..PoPsToPpeR

iFux w/ this tuFF!!! @someothaship G&D aka Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins - PopStopper (Official Music Video) Written & Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins Off the forthcoming album 'The Lighthouse' in-stores/online May 21, 2012 Pre-Order G&D 'The Lighthouse' album @

STyLeS P...LeaN

ScOoTeR x RoSs x GuCCi...CoLoMBiA rMx

directed by GaBRieL HaRT

aSaP FeRg..peRsiaN wiNe

Saturday, April 20, 2013

@CSHOT // #DuBPLaTe [mixtape]

The #DuBPLaTe is the 1st aLL #duB reGgae LP froM iNTeRNaTIoNaL HyBRiD HiP HoP/ ReGGae aRTisT @cshot aka "KiEF RiCHaRDs produCed entirely @maxtannone x @ribahonthebeat @theprofessoratl released on #420 woRLdwiDe...yet another pieCe to add to an already staggering catalog of woRk... credits released 20 April 2013 @ 4:20 pm #SHoTTa veRy doPe...#FoReVeRFLy


Off of the upcoming mixtape "The Alternative" Directed by SmokeStack {Pace Media}

aCe HoOD...oN RiGHT NoW

I'm not hatiN but iTs souNdiN like KiRko wroTe x U know how iFeel about hate but yeahh.. Shot in Amsterdam & Switzerland Directed By @IvanBerrios1021 Trials & Tribulations July 16

STyLeS P...iNeeD weed

prod by SCaM JoNeS #420

Big K.R.I.T. - King Remembered In Time - Cinematic Music Group

Big K.R.I.T. - King Remembered In Time - Cinematic Music Group

FiEND...iKNow wHaT iTs Like

TRoCk...BoB MaRLey

Monday, April 8, 2013


FoReVeRFLy proudly presents the worldwide viSuaL eXCLuSiVe @cshot "GeT Paid" produced by the incomperable @maxtannone... off the 1st #aLL duB reggae LP #DuBPLaTe from hip hop/reggae sensation @cshot...shOT by RaSHaD SueDe x diReCTed by FoReVeR FLy FiLMs this is grounbreaking to say the least x iAm happy to be the founder of a genre #ToPsHoTTaHiPHoP..."LiFe's a mysTery we're making history fuck loOsiNg this is viCToRy" #FoReVeRFLY...U can #FLy II Recorded @ the #TRaCKHouSe by @ribahonthebeat 4.20 @cshot presents "DuBPLaTe" his 1st all dub reggae LP *get hype* @cshot 

NiCe FrOm Far...Far From Nice:

 "MaSTeRPieCe" OUT NOW ONLINE! "DuB PLaTe" 4.20 #FoReVeRFLy

TwO 9...WHeRe THe $$$$ @

doPe.. @two9 s/o 2 my brejriN @ARTeMuSJeNkiNS on the directioN...ProDuCed by @MiKeWiLLmadeit

8 BaLL x MJG...CLaSsiC PiMPiN

Directed/Film/Edited by Maurice @SupaStishun #TiMeLeSs MuZiK...real piMpiN chuuuch

CaPiTaL STeeZ...aPex

Another posthumous video from the late Pro Era member. While very short in length, it shows the spirit STEEZ and the rest of the Pro Era crew embody. Off the AmeriKKKan Korruption: Reloaded mixtape. Rest in power King Capital STEEZ.

JaHLiL x JiNSu x PRoBLeM...aLL iDO

This shiT Go!!!! @jahlilibeats @itsaproblem Download Legend Era 2 at (Link Below) @JahlilBeats Directed by @DanCentrone DANCENTRONEFILMS.COM

SMoKe DZa...RiNGSiDe

JaDeN SMiTH...SHaKesPeaRe

the video direction on this #DoPe as fuck : MsDirected by Moises Arias.... what did iSay about this kid....toLd U!!! #FoReVeRFLy

Friday, April 5, 2013

LiL DeBBie | Ratchets

*dont judge me* on my love 4 Lil Debbie ask yourself why U dont fukk w/ her like iDo? she is not only tight but she works hard..iDig that! DIRECTED BY: Jb Ghuman, Jr @jbghumanjr (writer/Director of Spork) Purchase on iTunes: Get your Official RATCHET iPhone case here "Queen D" EP OUT NOW Producer: Kartelli @TelliBeatsItUp DP: Bradley Stonesfir Hair: Johnny Stuntz @JohnnyStuntz Stylist: Brett Nelson @brettalannelson Makeup: Ashley Gomilla @TheMakeupExpert and Julie Murray @juliemurraymua Costume Designer: Marco Marco @marcosquared Choreographer: Denise Piane @DenisePiane TWITTER: @L1LDebbie INSTAGRAM: Debbiecakes420 WEBSITE: MANAGEMENT:

C PLuS...GoT HeR oPeN

@plusmoney shot by @dreddymusic

Thursday, April 4, 2013

ALLey Boy...TaTToOs

produCed by KNuCKLeHeaD shoT by MaTT BaRNEs

iNDeeD x SCoTTy...CRowN RoyaL

doPe viSuaL @indeedface x @scottyatl...directed by RiCh espy produced by DJ BuRN oNe off iNDeeDFaCe LP



SGP x BRK 2.7.5 DiRected by FXRBXS

cHaM...BaCk Way

#yooooowwwwwww mi like di gal dem inaa diS u nuh...yeah iT sound like my Lady Saw favorite Back Way Mi LoVe just slower but I'm not triPPin

LiL ReeSe x CHiEF KeEF...TRaFFic #HD

produced by young chop

RiTTz x BoOTLeG KeV...WaLTeR WHiTe Boy FLow

produced by liFTed


@scottyatl x @trinidadjamesgg Produced by DJ Burn One & Beanz N Kornbread...Oh yah x that pic is the official cover for @scottyatl upcoming F.A.I.T.H. album with DJ Burn One. The album will be presented by Baller’s Eve and will be released on April 30th.

L'ORaNGe x BLu...aLONe

directed by KanGaRoo 5


#HoLyshyT a caSseTte sampLeR iLove caSey dieNeL...she's like my Joni MiTCHeLL...ok this is last visual off "KaiRoS" iSwear... directed by COLin MeDLey

WHiTe HiNTeRLaND....No LoGiC "DeaD OCeaNs"

1 more off "KaiRoS"


iFell in Love w/ this band 3 yrs ago...iNEveR knew they had a video for this "KaiRoS" iS The SHiT!!!


video for the new single "Answered" from Kel McKeown aka Kelpe. A new LP 'Fourth: The Golden Eagle' will follow in June. LP and single are both to be released on Kelpe's own label, DRUT Records. LIVE DATES 23rd March - Sebright Arms, (London)
 29th March - Grand Manege, Namur (Belgium) 5th April - Holy Dubs, Madrid (Spain)
 20th April - Koko, London (w/ Daedelus, Clark) 26th May - XOYO (Soundwave Launch), (London) 20th July - Soundwave Festival, Tisno (Croatia) Thanks!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marz LoveJoy | DoLo [video]

iF this was a perfect world @marzlovejoy x iWould be shacking up making muzik x getting tattoos together...but its not perfect x she's "DolO". Purchase "DOLO" on iTunes now: Official music video for "DOLO" by Marz Lovejoy. Video directed and edited by GRVTY. Song produced by Polyester. Lately, Marz Lovejoy has been busy working with Grammy Award winning producer Om'Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, Odd Future, Sa-Ra), who has signed-on to executive produce her debut album, "Elephant Soundz". Marz is also coming off quite a busy year in Hollywood. She recently finished filming for director John Stockwell and producer Gordon Bijelonic's forthcoming film, "Kid Cannabis". Earlier this year, Marz made her cinematic debut in Common's "LUV" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2010, at just 19 years of age, she released her debut EP "This Little Light of Mine", to critical acclaim. described the EP as "an excellent debut...[Marz] has the ability to craft catchy hooks to make some noise in the mainstream crowd, and she has the lyrical prowess to hang with the best of the underground." She has since toured the country and/or shared the stage with the likes of Eykah Badu, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Wu-Tang Clan, Yelawolf, and more. Marz Lovejoy's debut album, Elephant Soundz is scheduled to be released later this year via Elephant Soundz / iHipHop Distribution. For more information on Marz Lovejoy, please visit:

yOuNG RoDDy x TraDeMaRk...WeLCoMe


MaC MiLLeR..MoST DoPe FiNaLe

Thats cRiSS... iDiD VeGaS 4 21 too

Cap 1 x Jeezy x GaME...GaNG BaNG

THiS joint tuFF @richiecap1 x @thegame x young jeezy...diReCTed by ShaRoD MaRCus SiMPsoN

THe PoWeR oF WoRDs


CoLoMBiaN FaSHioN weeK...coKe x couture x iMPLaNTs

TyLeR vS NeeDLe DRoP...WoLF reVieW

sTs x DJ BeaR ONe...THe RD 2 GoLD RuSH III

@stsisgold x @thekidbearone

HoNey CoCaiNe...RuNaWay BRiDe

iFigured iMight as well iWas talkin about it @queenhoneyC directed by Elliot Clancy-Osberg (@ThirdEyeRed) produced by KDeV

HoNey CoCaiNe...BaD GaL

this is my bitch...iFux w/ this x runaway bride too @queenhoneyC directed by LaLo The GiaNT

Tuesday, April 2, 2013



@klvnambelondoN spaPs! 2.2.5. #BRK


iDoNT really do the LHHNY seasons anymoRe for personal reasons but this season finale had my bitcH EriCa Mena in rare form x that foOL RiCh DoLLaZ said something @ his end monologue about he just loves bites x he just cant fight who he is...shit struck a chord b/c iRemembered @cshot spIT that coLd line on "Playa ShiT" "they say iGOT a iNSatiable appetite for ladies x iTs true...iTry to fight it but iFigure...U just gotta be U..."check the 1:52 niGGa!!!! Yall better pay attention to #sHoTTa baRs theres a drop a truth in every line #veryrare.... #FoReVeRFLy