Sunday, March 21, 2010

@CSHOT // The Kush Kronicles #420 [mixtape]

The countdown to 420 is officially here and 4.20.2010 looks to be one of the biggest smokeouts since 1999 truss!! Me personally I already got some grandaddy purp and white widow cross breed and some dry bubble kush and Jah know what else I get before the big day:EPIC!

CSHOT will release the classic mixtape The Kush Kronicles online exxclusively: and

So tell a friend to tell a friend to smoke something to this and tell me that this high grade aint hittin right! Beats by Don Cannon, Rico Wade (Dungeon Family), C-Gutta, Three Six, Dr. Dre, David Banner, Zaytoven, and a few more wicked producers and it is entirely a complete Smokeout from CSHOT, T.K.O, JDAT, Corey "Zooman" Miller Forever Fly and some special guests...beginning to end you gotta check it out even if you don't blaze the muzik is DOPE:LITERALLY!
Word is C just dropped a sick tune Life so Quick to the classic L.E.S track featuring Nas and AZ and will debut that online too for exclusive DL: MAD!!!!

Shout out to Currensy and Cannon's Smokee Robinson mixtape and Wiz Khalifa B.A.R, Burner, The Jacka, and Junior Gong nice joints to smoke to! 2 Blunts Up!
Fuck wit the homie @CSHOT he's releasing another album #TopsHottaHiphoP and he's already got the Forever Fly album OUT NOW!

Here's a teaser from The Kush Kronicles [ "Smoke N Lean" produced by C-Gutta ]
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