Monday, December 28, 2015

Pusha T // Darkest Before Dawn [video]

I been in Miami going so brazy iForgot to post this...kinda glad tho...its tooo cinematic to get lost in the sauce. Might keep this up for a while...aint shit tight out anyway. ‘King Push went to Harlem x linked up Cheers Club for a cinematic short film " Darkest Before Dawn" very dope x well shot of course. Darkest Before Dawn"...: The Prelude’ the album Available Everywhere Now! Download: Directed by Kid Art Follow Pusha T: Snapchat: KINGPIN.PUSH

Starlito x Don Trip // My Love [video]

The Step Brothers got another joint... this off Lito's #Introversion tho... #StepBrothers3 out soon... 2015 Grind Hard LLC Directed by McCain Merren - Produced x Greedy Money. Captured in St. Louis & Pensacola Download Starlito's Introversion iTunes -

Pusha T x The-Dream // M.F.T.R. [video]

I don't get it....fetty sap sold 150K 1st week & a supreme lyricist like Jadakiss or Pusha T sells 45K ...even their videos are doper ??? smh. Fuck Rap! Darkest Before Dawn in stores now! Produced x Boi Wonda & Frank Dukes. Directed by Kid Art.

Wiz Khalifa // King of Everything [video]

This tuff! describes me perfectly..."Young Rich Nigga smoking' weed when iWanna" >>>>> very taylor. #TGOD #ForeverFly Directed x @DanFolger Produced x Cozmo & ID Labs.

Father x Tommy Genesis // Vamp [video]

Father's "Vamp" featuring my lil goth bae Tommy Genesis. Produced x Father. Directed & Edited by JMP @UALREADYKNOWJMP From the album ‘Who's Gonna Get Fucked First?’ now available on iTunes*****-first/id977846031

iLOVEMAKONNEN // Leave U 4 Myself [video]

iLOVEMAKONNEN "Leave U 4 Myself" from "Drink More Water 5" Produced x iLoveMakonnen Directed x Max @directedbymax ILoveMakonnen 2 EP Available Now iTunes: SoundCloud: Twitter:

Playboi Carti x Key! // Ghost [video]

2 of the rulers of the young wave str8 outta #ATL ...fukk w/ em. S/o to lil iAn Connor for helping to jump off Carti career like that...that fool in Japan & all dat. #AwfulRecords Directed x Ratchetman. Produced x Gnealz.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

iNDEEDFACE // Behind The Scenes [video]

A short film about #ATL's own iNDEEDFACE (Dj Burn One, Walt Live, Go! Ricky Go & Bruther Brown) & their process before a performance. If you like the video like, share, & subscribe! Video was shot by Ellmatik & Kenneth Bell Productions - @ellmatik Music via one of my favorite albums "Who Killed The Last Dragon" Scored x Dj Burn One x The Five Points Bakery. Follow iNDEEDFACE :

Cuz Lightyear // C World [video]

Little Rock's own SL Jones has reinvented himself into Cuz Lightyear and dropped a new LP "Cuz" Stream CUZ: Directed by Chilly-O ^TALL^ & Byrd Films. Produced x DJ Burn One x The Five Points Bakery. Follow Burn One : Follow Chilly-O on IG thank me later. Follow Cuz on Twitter:

Bishop Nehru x Que Hampton // MansSin [video]

MANSSIN from Bishop's project "NEHRUVIA: THE NEHRUVIAN EP" download it at Produced & Mixed x Markel Scott. Shot by Breeze & Bishop. Directed by Bishop . Follow Bishop Follow Que Hampton © 2015 : Nehruvia Entertainment Nehruvian Films Productions.

Archibald Slim // He's Drunk [video]

A cut off one of my fav Archi Mixtapes "He's Drunk" gets a visual ...very tuff. Jah know "Hold Deez" need a visual too that's my shit. JMP should shoot it I'm diggin his work. Produced x Archibald Slim. @niggasisclones Directed x JMP. @UalreadyKnowJMP #Awful!/id980505783

Ziggy2Playa // FiSSURE! [video]

ATL's own Ziggy 2 Playa is reloaded w/ a new Deluxe CD ..gang a production x #ATL's own Asston Kusher who produced hella Mach Five music plus a few others fuck wit a playa. Follow: @Ziggy2Playa on all social platforms Produced by @AsstonKusher Directed by OBS 2P DELUXE OUT NOW!!!!!!

Wavy Wallace // Been On The Block [video]

#ATL MC Wavy Wallace dropped a visual for BOTB ...just wanted to put you on game ...young Metro on the cut Cam Kirk behind the lens x Wave on the mic... I dig when the young #ATL creatives link up. Directed by @TheCamKirk Produced x @MetroBoomin

Friday, December 18, 2015

M.I.A. // BORDERS [video]

Thought I posted this long time..its 2 tuff! sent myself an email 3 weeks ago but better late than never. The singer M.i.a. has just released the single clip "Borders". The video brings the British created in Sri Lanka singing with people playing the role of refugees. This is the second single released by her in 2015, after "Swords" which came out in July. Both should be part of "Matahdatah", the fifth album by the artist who still has no release date, "wasssup w/ that" I'm a come clean she didn't even list a producer..iThink she produced & Directed this...thats wild talent. Salute.

A$AP Rocky x Rod Stewart x Miguel // Everyday [video]

Rocky U did that fool visual is fuckin' dope...Its like Vanilla sky meets a young rap stars biggest fears all in one opulent cinematic visual...iKnow this video x song cost a "grip"..Rod Stewart x Miguel & Mark Ronson x Rocky on a rap song? think about that shit....Shit! props to ASVP >> R.I.P Yams. Harlem #NYC Directed x Emmanuel Cossu & Fleur & Manu. Produced x Mark Ronson.

Curren$y // International Set [video]

Curren$y came through Audiomack Studios to record an original record over original production from T-GUT. Download Canal Street Confidential:

Father x LuiDiamonds // Alley Oop Swish [video]

FATHER X LEX LUGER PRESENT the new EP "Someone Get These New Niggas" Directed & Edited by JMP @UALREADYKNOWJMP Produced by Lex Luger @SMOKEDOUTLUGER

Juicy J x Dj Blak // O's To Oscars Intro [video x #mixtape link]

#ATL's own Dj Blak links up wit Juicy J for the "O's To Oscars" mixtape. Juice put out like 4 mix tapes & an album this year...we see U Juiceman. Produced by Sonny Digital. Taylor Gang Ent. #TGOD Download here on Datpiff:

The Game x Jay 305 x A.D. x Mitchy Slick x JM x RJ x Skeme // My Flag / Da Homies

Produced x DJ Mustard. This might be the dopest gang banging' posse anthem ....too much heat on this shit... its dam near all the hardest West Coast rappers on 2 tracks.. “My Flag” is off of The Game’s ‘The Documentary 2.5’ Get ‘The Documentary 2.5

BROCKHAMPTON // Dirt [video]

iTunes: Hailing from San Marcos, Texas (but claiming “the internet” as their true birthplace), BROCKHAMPTON are not your average rap group. Don’t even call them one to begin with: “The All American Boy Band” is how Kevin Abstract, JOBA, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, Dom McLennon, Rodney Tenor, and Merlyn Wood describe this one-of-a-kind crew. Directed x Tyler Mitchell and executive produced by VFILES. Follow BROCKHAMPTON!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Live From the Dungeon // A Conversation w/ Future x Rico Wade [video]

Part 1: Part 2: This was dope to see my two old brejrins dem. One a legend & the next slowly becoming one or already one to many. Future’s ties to Atlanta come from more than giving them street anthem after street anthem. It’s more than music or hustling— Nayvadius Wilburn’s relationship with the community there comes from generations of family, of blood. And though it’d taken him until his late 20s to really break into the game, it’s hard to say the wait wasn’t worth it if you look back at his output in 2015. But, as any well-read fan knows, Future’s been in the game for years, earning writing credits or grinding on the Altanta mixtape circuit before he achieved the mainstream success he has today. One of the oft-mentioned but least- explored part of that legacy is Future’s time spent with the Dungeon Family, the legendary recording studio and collective that launched the careers of groups like OutKast and Goodie Mob. In the dungeon, Organized Noize was the defacto production group-in-residence, with member Rico Wade, who owned the studio, also happening to be Future’s cousin. This was all years ago, but the experiences he had living with Rico and watching the inner workings of the Dungeon shaped a young Future into the superstar he is today. During our recent trip to Atlanta, we stopped by the Organized Noize art exhibit with Future in tow for an impromptu meeting with his cousin. In the above clip, the two reminisce about an unreleased Future/André 3000 track (!), soaking up game from the greats, and Future’s humble nature, even as a youth. Revealing and honest (no pun intended), it’s rare insight into the usually interview-shy artist’s humble beginnings. Stay tuned for part two of the interview tomorrow, where Future and Rico delve into his slow rise to success in his early 20s.

Starlito // Black Sheep Don't Grin (The Documentary) [video]

As you already know if you have ever been on then you already know that the Dirty Dime native is no stranger here...His music can get you through x his visuals are if not always real..always entertaining. #GrindHard with the Starlito as he prepares his 3rd full-length studio album/memoir BLACK SHEEP DON'T GRIN. Released on December 15, 2014 Directed x Grind Hard TV x Elegy Pictures. Download Starlito's Black Sheep Don't Grin iTunes - Connect With Starlito Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

ABRA // Fruit [video]

#ATL joining forces x puttin' on thats wassup...mi lickle dark wave duchess Abra has dropped a delectble visual "Fruit" w/ my brejrin & model Deng as the lead >>> Big tings a gwan 4 Abra right ya now...On tour w/ D.R.A.M her x Tommy Genesis IG got the internet goin' nuts, Released "Rose" the LP this is on x new music dropping almost weekly it to say not only does the young Dutchess look pretty she sittin' pretty too. Let you in on a little secret.. did U U know this young lady produces the majority of her own music >>>> Fuck w/ me U wont B sorry. Purchase Rose: Produced x Abra. Directed & Edited x JMP @ualreadyknowJMP Director of Photography: JMP @ualreadyknowJMP

Meyhem Lauren // Money In My Pocket [video]

This video just made my X-mas a lil bit better >>>> This is wicked iNearly choked laughing I was hittin the blunt when this came on lmao...#NYC stand up for a real lyricist Meyhem Lauren ... Word on the street Meyhem joined the Fool’s Gold family “Money In My Pocket” is the first single off his Piatto D’Oro LP, “Money” is top-shelf Laurenovich, featuring classic New York tough talk over a wildly catchy saloon piano beat from Farho. This is Forever Fly approved & will be played at max volume a gang a times. Produced x Farhot. Directed by CALMATIC. Cop some real shit for once: iTunes: Subscribe to Fool's Gold! Meyhem Laurent. The holiday-themed video from director Calmatic (Kendrick Lamar, Vic Mensa, OverDoz) puts Meyhem’s rugged charisma front and center, capturing the Queens MC spreading joy to the people as only he can. Video Produced by Bethany Bankston & Bless Escro.

WiKi // Hate Is Earned [video]

Produced x Black Milk. Directed & Edited by Ryosuke Tanzawa. Formed in 2011 the New York Harlem-born hip-hop crew, RATK ING. Referred Nante "WU-TANG CLAN meets SUICIDE meets ANIMAL COLLECTIVE × punk-hardcore" They, the new New York as a classic hip-hop, which continues to lead the scene. 2014, the end of their respective owners contend line, and they're that debut album "So It Goes" from a leading independent label XL umbrella of Hot Charitym, but as usual the footwork is extremely light. In fact , the latest work, which was announced this spring "700 FILL" also, was announced suddenly in free. So, RATKING is, I think honestly to himself he is enjoying the scene once and for all. WIKI is the front man of such RATKING is, released a solo album "Lil Me". "700 FILL" Similarly, here it is also delivered in free. Furthermore unreleased new song for this album also emergency drop "Hate is Earned". The producer, with the arrival of the Black Milk of Detroit, which formed a Young RJ and BR GUNNA, music video was shot in Shibuya. Hardcore spin in the Heavy -lit full of this track, just WIKI and feel the liver of RATKING, super tune. It was no longer tied more and more eyes from them. WIKI solo album "Lil Me" free download → Http://Www.Letterracer.Com Director of Photography by Ghetto Hollywood Camera Operator & Additional Footage by Yudai Maruyama. Video Produced by Matt Lubansky.

Easy Mo Bee // And You Don't Stop! [video]

Dont piss me off x ask me who produced this Masterpiece... #NYC stand up for a legend. Where would Hip hop Be w/o Easy Mo Bee? Get it now!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pusha T // Crutches x Crosses x Caskets [video]

Push goin' ape shit >>>> cheers club behind the lens Puffy on the boards...take that take that... Can't wait to hear Darkest Before Dawn. Produced x Puff Daddy. Directed x Kid Art. Video Produced by Cartier Court, Grant Curatola, and Taylor Shung Follow Pusha T:

Raury x Key! // Trap Tears [video]

#ATL's own Raury x Key! link up on "Trap Tears" taken from Raury's debut album ALL WE NEED. Ok so Raury is everything people claim to love positivity, messages in the music, abstract sound, plays his own instruments he even has the hat x locs ? But this kid ( I don't think he's even 20 yet) releases his album & the numbers on it are under 1K ..smh ?? He has like 89K followers on IG ...Enough fans on twitter for him to hitch hike x stay with with them all the way to Chicago x back and 710 ? or some shit like that 1st week...Nah yo...I don't get it? He's young this is only the beginning..he's gonna make people sorry they counted him Forever Fly. Produced x Malay. Get it on iTunes: Follow Raury:

Michael Gadiva // Just Do It (3 6 Mafia RMX) [Video]

Finally get to see my Philly homegirl shine in her new video...Forever Fly is proud to debut Michael Gadiva . iKnow what you're saying ...her name Michael?","Damn shorty wild tough, but she sexy as hell", "Her voice is different", "Damn She Got Bars" , and all that is true. Still you gotta watch out for Tiff this young lady is in my city of #ATL making noise with her cute face, charming ways , tough attitude , and off the wall personality. U dunn know Shotta haffi put U on game with the nu nu...dont sleep b/c iKnow her and you speculate this post is favoritism Go ahead, press play What U waiting 4, "Just Do It" Directed By : Mr. Carmichael @mrc_1 Produced By : Case Boogie @caseboogieatl MUA/Wardrobe : Kroh @krohworld Lead : Devan Dmarcus @forevalivin Subscribe to Michael on youtube!! WANT MORE OF Michael???: Visit Her Here: Like Her Here: Follow Her Here: Forever Fly

Sunday, December 13, 2015

ST GERMAiN // Boulevard [LP]

Don't say iNever gave you anything St.Germain is special to me...its my vibes music just light up x relax x shut up press play & don't ask me any questions. #SmokedOutSundays R #ForeverFly

YRGP // LA [video]

Found a group of young cool kids from the west coast to look out for #YRGP "YourGrandParents" Check out their brand new single "LA" from their upcoming project "No Fucking Idea" This video is dope ...fuck w/ some cool shit. Forever Fly. Follow YRGP Twitter: Soundcloud: Directed & Edited by Kale Eickhof. Shot by: Simon Green, Adam Vaughn, and Drone by Maximilian.

Reese // Money Talks [video]

That fool Reese is back w/ another joint off #DSNRTRPN2 juuug juug juuug #ATL No flex Reese outchea. Directed By Kyle Rodgers & B-Hype. Money Talks Produced By Zaytoven & Cassius Jay. Get DSNRTRAPN2 now on Apple Music :­1043791767

G Herbo // Retro Flow [video]

No Limit herb dropping' more winter grind mode music for #SmokedOutSundays Chirac wassup now. Produced by DJ L. Directed x Antoinne Bryant. Download "Ballin Like I'm Kobe" here on iTunes: BLIK Tour Dates: Twitter: Soundcloud:

GrandeMarshall // PULLUP'S THEME [video]

Philly I got a new spitta to watch for :GrandeMarshall. His new Fool's Gold album My Brothers Keeper is on the way. Shot in North Philadelphia by director Kumasi Sadiki (mastermind behind streetwear outpost The Good Company), the city's toughest rides provide a backdrop for Grande's self-assured bars: You ain’t gon’ get it with your hand out / We put in work and made it happen. "PULLUP'S THEME" is a dope song for winter grind mode. iTunes: Produced x Ben Pramuk. Directed x Kumasi Sadiki. Cinematographer: Pat Murray. Camera Assistant: Alex Nguyn. Editor: Daniel Haney. Executive Producer: William VāJohń Special Thanks to The Crown Vic Boyz of Philadelphia North Philadelphia, PA ...I spend most my time in West Philly buts its all G ...iMiss Philly.

DonMonique // You Ain't Heard [video]

#NYC got a stoner shorty wit hella flow DonMonique ...its #SmokedOutSundays hit the spliff x fukk wit the homie. Produced x Ryan Scott. Directed & Edited x Hidji Films. Instagram/Twitter: @DONMON1QUE



The Difference Machine // So Hip [video]

"So Hip" by The Difference Machine. From their 2013 debut album "The Psychedelic Sounds of The Difference Machine" on Psych Army Intergalactic Records. Directed x Tim Reis & Mike Bremer for Peters Jefrey. Produced x The Difference Machine. VIDEO CREDITS: Assistant Director- Arjun Banga. Producer- Peters Jefrey. Set designers- Arjun Banga, Giovanny Yuri & Peters Jefrey. Cinematographers- Tim Reis & Arjun Banga. Props Master- Staci Gibbs. Editor- Tim Reis. Lighting designer- Mike Bremer. Co-Producers- Max Hogan & Robby Potenza. Production Assistants- Giovanny Yuri, Max Hogan and Robby Potenza

MF DOOM // The Time We Faced Doom // Operation: Doomsday [video]

...iKnow its #SmokedOutSundays but If u ask me who produced this iWill box U...

Toro Y Moi // Dada Art [video]

Toro Y Moi Boo Boo Mobile, Ambient Rainbow, Want ft (Washed Out) off of the "Samatha" mixtape. Produced x Chaz Bundick. Directed by: Sagan Lockhart x Chaz Bundick x Josh Terris. Starring: Yung Yaki , Camille Lepen. Edited by: Sagan Lockhart, Sage Caswell.

Larry June // MY PAiSA #TheFreeMinded [video]

Fye! Larry June and TM88 collabs and brings you a hit single off there route 80 EP! Directed x Adrian Per. Produced x TM88.

Amber London // Life II Death [mixtape] Forgot to put you fools on game. Raider Klan's Amber London ( The Queen of Tha Phonk ) is back again with Volume 1 of her new project Life II Death linking up once again with Fashion Designer (Owner of Babylon Cartel) / Producer Gianni Lee. "Doin Fine" is my shit while I'm high x its #SmokedOutSundays so you can smoke your own spliff & make your own decisions...the phonk aint for errybody. Forever Fly. #275 Follow the phonk:

#SoulMates // UGK x B.B.KiNG // The Trill Is Gone [LP]

Amerigo Gazaway has been making epic juxtaposing LPs x this is another masterpiece. Can we start w/ the epic cover #art jesus. This joint is too hype..all the hits and some forgotten classics...maaaaayn hol up. Under the Soul Mates Project banner of "collaborations that never were," Amerigo Gazaway’s latest imagines a recording session between Blues great, BB King, and Texas rap legends, UGK. Aptly titled “BB & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone,” the producer seamlessly bridges the gap between hip-hop and its predecessor, the blues. Crafting the album's bedrock from deconstructed samples of King's electric blues hits, Gazaway re-imagined what might have happened had King and UGK actually recorded in the same time and space. Tapping UGK historian and documentary film maker, Sama'an Ashrawi, for unreleased interview audio, the producer cleverly uses the soundbites to help build his project's narrative. Strategically looping and lacing Lucille's guitar licks and B.B.'s road tales with Bun B & Pimp C's southern fried storytelling, Gazaway finds a sweet spot in the overlapping themes of his subjects' respective catalogs. Released October 13, 2015 Soul Mates Records 2015 Produced by Amerigo Gazaway Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin Artwork: Vincent "Mr. Ö" Fontaine B.B. King: vocals, guitar (Lucille) UGK (Pimp C & Bun B): vocals Amerigo Gazaway: organ, electric bass, rhodes, synth, turntables, drum machine, sampler, vocals (Trill A.G.) Art Webb (of This is ART): electric bass (tracks 4, 6, 7, 14) Sama'an Ashrawi: UGK interview audio The Goodwill Projects: DIY acapellas Other Audio Sources: B.B. King: The Life of Riley (Documentary) WDIA 1070AM: The History, The Legend, The Music (CD) The Dolewite & Scooby Show (101.1 FM Nashville, "The Beat") -------------------------------------------------------- R.I.P. Pimp C, B.B. King, DJ Screw & Young Bou

Keith Murray // The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World [video]

From 1994 Album: "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World"..... #SmokedOutSundays Hip Hop is Forever Fly.

Main Source // Looking At The Front Door [video]

1990 shit y'all! iT's #SmokedOutSundays is 7:00 am I'm on my 2nd blunt ...just vibin. Forever Fly.

D.R.A.M. x Mass // 2$ [video]

This youte D.R.A.M. keep dropping real shit!! & This fool producing his own shit thats wicked. Directed By Nathan R. Smith. Produced x D.R.A.M. D.R.A.M. announces the first annual Holidaze Concert, taking place on Dec. 19. Tickets go on sale Friday, Dec. 4, on First 200 tickets will be sold for $2.

Mick Jenkins // P's & Q's [video]

This is tuff! "Wave[s]" available now! iTunes: Directed by Nathan R. Smith (@nathan_rsmith) Visuals by GDBYM Produced by Kaytranada Twitter:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

St Germain // Sittin' Here [video]

Sittin' Here from St Germain new album Download his new album here: Video Director: Cédric Mérand Sand Artist: Didi Rodan TOUR: 13.11.15 ZURICH - Kaufleuten 14.11.15 LAUSANNE - Les Docks 17.11.15 LONDON - Troxy 18.11.15 LYON - Transbordeur 19.11.15 MILAN - Acatraz 20.11.15 VIENNE - Museumsquartier 22.11.15 MUNICH - Muffathalle 01.12.15 MADRID - Riviera 02.12.15 BARCELONA - Razmatazz

Starlito x Yo Gotti x Don Trip // No Rearview TWO [video]

This is tuff to see the visual ..always dug this tune...1 of my faves off "Black Sheep Don't Grin" ....iMean Lito always come w/ the real so its no surprise but if you know Memphis history this is big for Lito x Gotti to link back up. Directed by Charles M. Robinson. Produced by Street Symphony.

Santigold x iLOVEMAKONNEN // Who Be Lovin' Me [video]

This is dope! I fun w/ this ...I don't know if I'm reaching but this visual give me the same vibe iGet from CSHOT // #iJustLikeGirls ? I aint trip pin Santigold know she a mi baby still... Check out Who Be Lovin' Me featuring ILOVEMAKONNEN. From Santi's upcoming album 99 ¢ents, in stores 1/22/16. "Who Be Lovin Me feat. ILoveMakonnen" Produced by Zeds Dead. Directed by Trouble Andrew and Santigold. Executive producer: Hope Wilson and DJay Brawner Produced by U. Del Moral Production Coordinator: Maureen Lewis Edited by Hidji Films and Sam Fleischner @howfollowswhat Director of Photography: Hidji Films and Sam Fleischner @howfollowswhat Post Production by Offsite Services Commissioned by Emmanuelle Cuny - Diop at Atlantic Records Assistant to the Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Video Administration: Lily Thrall Styled by April Roomet at De Annesley Agency Make up by Devra Kinnery at Art Department Hair by Nicolas Eldin at Art Department Thanks to all the production assistants: Rickx Himself Alexis Yorey Naim White Special thanks to: Roc Nation Atlantic Records Beats Sundial Soloman Bremand Go to RIGHT NOW for our DOORBUSTERS SALE, where you receive a preorder of 99 ¢ents, as well as cassette version of the album. Follow Santigold

@CSHOT x @RibahOnTheBeat // #iJustLikeGirls [video]

Produced x @RibahOntheBeat. Directed x @CSHOT via @ForeverFly_LLC !! Forever Fly !! Maaaaaad visual from @cshot #iJustLikeGirls . Produced x Super producer @ribahonthebeat . Recorded at TrackHouse Studios ATL, GA dedicated to the beautiful women who make our world go round, you're all so special. Everything about girls is cool even when they're mad sometimes. One thing we all have in common is no matter what race, creed, culture or even sexual preference, we all have women in our lives that we like for various reasons. They don't have to be supermodels, rich or even geniuses but they all have talent & charisma that we love. A woman's smile or even just a gesture can change the countenance of any person. Most can probably make you feel good even on your worst days. Beyond everything else I said in the song thats why #iJustLikeGirls. This video is different from every rap video not only b/c of the topic but there are no paid video models, rented cars just girls doing the things they love to do, hanging out with friends, at the beach or pool parties etc. Filmed in Atlanta x Miami x Chicago captured x CSHOT ...this was essentially interactions with various women this summer. Thanx to all the gorgeous ladies who made this possible ...shotta luv U bad. Released 11.1.15 #SmokedOutSundays #iJustLikeGirls via the "Nice From Far....Far From Nice" LP available: Forever Fly #TellMeEverything OUT NOW Follow : Ribah Follow | CSHOT Check out some fly gear for Men x Women designed x @cshot ✖ Privé Apparel ✖ Collexion "Masterpiece" OUT NOW ONLINE #FREE #RealEstatexRocks x Fly With Me x the international smash dub reggae mixtape "Dub Plate" ouT now!!!! #FREE #TellMeEverything via Amazon : shot/dp/B00THRBL32/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&a mp;ie=UTF8&qid=1426967652&sr=1-1 &keywords=Cshot Buy direct from CSHOT: Please support talented independent artists: Be Bold...Be Great but never BeHave... ✖ Privé Apparel ✖ Forever Fly LLC 2015

Curren$y // Boulders [video]

#Boulders is the third visual released off of the forthcoming 2nd studio album from @CurrenSy_Spitta #CanalStreetConfidential. Produced x 808 Mafia. Edited, Photographed & Directed by CJ Wallis, @fortyfps #birdseyeview. 'Canal Street Confidential' album coming December 4th, pre-order it here: D.O.P.: John Sovie Make-Up: Emma Rumps

DonMonique // You Ain't Heard [video]

#NYC got a stoner shorty wit hella flow DonMonique ...fukk wit the homie. Produced x Ryan Scott. Directed & Edited x Hidji Films Instagram/Twitter: @DONMON1QUE

WiKi x Nasty Nigel // Livin' With My Moms [video]

#NYC spitta WiKi from the group Ratking drops a solo visual "Living with My Mom's" ft. Nasty Nigel Wiki's new project, 'lil me', out Dec 7th via Produced by Black Noi$e) Directed by @idollondo of L-Vision. Special thanks to Arthur Soleimanpour, Sean Gordon-Loebl, Jake Wayler, Micah Dickbauer, Cole Evlev, Clio Garland, Isis Rubirosa, Hectah, Aaron Mouton, Santos Party House, and GEORGIA.

21 Savage // Skrrt Skrrt [video]

Shot & Edited by Kevin Wright Jr. 21 Savage Kevin Wright Jr ELEVATOR

ManMan Savage // Trapped Housed [video]

SouthSide #ATL's own savage drops a new visual off his DJ Speakerfoxx & DJ Osh Kosh hosted mixtape "young & reckless" @1ManManSavage Directed x @DRXVMZ Produced x Cool$hit & Big Emm #Young&Reckless

KOOL A.D. // O.K. [video]

Kool A.D. drops a CoolReve directed visual to the intro off his 100 track (thats not a typo) mixtape "O.K." A.D really pushing the culture at a time when less is more..iRespect it. Produced by @keyboardkid206 Directed by @coolreve Follow Kool A.D @veeveeveeveevee