Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Max B's verdict was announced just moments ago in the Bergen County Court House. He along with his brother were found guilty of 9 out of 11 counts. Max B was detained immediately.

His sentencing date is set for July 30, 2009. Witnesses state Max B kept his head up and "took his verdict like a man". He did not break down once and remained strong through the entire verdict.

His attorney plans to appeal the verdict.

DAMN I hate that I had to post this but Max I'm a fan pimp! I wonder if looking back we all see flaws in the way we made moves but it was his ambition that made him so wavy and put him in this position cause shit 25,000 split 3 or 4 ways is no money and I'm a regular dude hell I can get that money up as we speak but then again i been on the grind for a minute now and Max was fresh out the joint and super hungry so he did what he did. I would never in my life pull that kinda job with a ho (not being funny) but a for real ho, and her brother? Crazy fam cause I knew it looked light after catching the case shit with lawyer retainers (I know that too well) cause he was getting like 4,000 a show this and last year so i know he gotta feel that pain! Anyway hold ya head up Max as you always do! French got the deal and I know he gon hold it down blood French a real dude! Judges don't care how hard you worked to get here they just throw football #'s at my niggaz so we gotta stay alert, stay on our grind, and most of all stay Six Six Two (MOB)! I guarantee everything else falls into place baaaby! Word to Max B! You still a king even in a cell! Free all our political prisoners too since I'm on the topic! They tryna kill us all! We can't let them win tho!