Friday, October 12, 2012

FoReVeR FLy ExpOSe...BiRdMaN vs JiMMy 2 TyMes

ok so iDecided to start really exposing the industry song robbery b/c iTs just at a point now iTs happening way too fuckin often. iMean iPlace all this dope underground muzik killing the majors & they're not getting the recognition they deserve. iTs like when iPost that the fact that STS had www (women, weed, what to wear) before kendrick lamar (www) women, wee, weather... master P robbing my brejriN Luney Tunes...hell even CSHOT's songs & coNcepts are getting robbed by several artists unknown to huge artists & nobody seems to give a fuck well iFuckin do & iGoTTa start exposing this shiT. You know as an artist in the world where no ideas original iTs pretty fucked up when you actually create something that is then a muthafucka w/ more money & a biGGer machine gets the recognition & the fans dont give a fuck most time...ometimes iT may be a coincidence but often times its not i"ve beeN in the back of the industry watching too so iKnow how they just lawyer up push the record & shut the other artist out never even paying them or giving them writing credit. iDoNT know why this was the last sraw but iT was. NoT b/c iKnow the artist personally, forget the fact iDesigned the cover...just look at the facts. iF you say you doNT know Jimmy 2 tymes & you dont live in ATL thats cool but his sonG also features Tman & FuTuRe. Now iF you say none of these muthafuckas on the new shoutout song dont interact with them iFuckin think your an idiot. Furthermore on my birthday BETHHA weekend here in aTL we partied our ass off (check my instagram) and they played shoutout (#8 on Tunnel Vision) at every single strip club we went to from Magic ciTy to D.o.A, STrokers & onyx...I'm just saying maybe they might have heard iT when they were in the club like we all did, hell the is is on this blog as well as a few that I've seen too. Now birdman has a shoutout to a young chop beat w/ FrenCh & the hook says the shoutout the same way 0_0...coiNCidence..u decide?

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