Saturday, October 20, 2012

ORioNiDs MeTeoR SHoWeR...LiVe

Video streaming by Ustream U know I'm #FoReVeRFly so iGaze @ the stars.... Watch the orionoid meteor showers light up the sky tonight. A live Ustream video feed of the Orionid meteor shower can be seen below, which will show the skies over Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. The annual event has star gazers anticipating to see the meteors appear near the Orion constellation. The Earth's orbit moves through a dust trail every October that's left by Halley's Comet that creates showers usually around 20 meteors per hour, according to NASA. Recent years have shown a drastic increase in the number of meteors seen during the shower. Like Us on Facebook "Since 2006, the Orionids have been one of the best showers of the year, with counts in some years up to 60 or more meteors per hour," said a statement by Bill Cooke from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. The peak of the shower is supposed to be on Sunday morning, a few hours before the break of dawn. Viewers won't need telescopes to see the show as all they'll have to do is go out and look up toward the sky. According to MarketWatch, Columbia University Astronomy Professor Joe Patterson says the Orionid meteor shower will be best viewed with clear skies and away from bright city lights. "Looking south, that's where you'll see it," said Patterson, "but you'll have to get away from city lights. The phase of the moon will be favorable as well with nearly no light coming from it." Read more at

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