Monday, February 18, 2019

DaBaby // BLANK BLANK [video]

on my way to get a bag/ I'm fuckin up I'm runnin' late >>> yo my son da baby B motivating mi B. Directed x Savani Productions.

Leigh Paris // Wood Grain [video]

my youte got a banger w/ this joint >>>> remember when Shyne rapped ova this riddim & he is from Belize to NY too 6 degrees of separation ? this youte Leigh from Belize in NY reppin' his home of Belize, thats fye >>> vibes. Produced x CAM. Directed x Tareek Young.

Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y // The Life [video]

Wiz he he gettin' "more money today than U seen in your life," I like that bar Wizard x Spitta got it feelin' like 2009 again >>> Stream 2009 here: Produced x Cardo & Sledgren. Directed x CBFOUR.CO. @wizkhalifa @surrensy_spitta

Young M.A // Stubborn Ass [video]

nah 4r my son spits some facts on some real shit from like a dudes perspective speaking to a bad stubborn ass chick w/ the emotion and transparency of a woman. Mind is completely blown just listening, smoking & vibing while watching Bernice Burgos sexy a$$ >>> produced by Hagler & Jordan Lewis. Video directed by Marc Diamond. Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios. Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

Friday, February 15, 2019

@CSHOT // Tell Dem Again 🔥 [video]

@CSHOT //Tell Dem Again from CSHOT on Vimeo.

🔥🔥🔥 Visual for the most played song on #BareTings . CSHOT : The visual is a timeline of events from Atlanta where shotta was prepping his art for the the largest gallery exhibit in Atlanta: COi11. Then to Miami where I meet 2 gorgeous women on South Beach Elle & Nicki. Had an extremely spontaneous night wet & wild photoshoot that ended but being portraits to be shown at some point just not now. Then back to Atlanta for #Coi11 that where CSHOT's art (Ice Queen) & (Bu Dream) were prominently displayed amongst some other talented artists. At the exhibit CSHOT met a gorgeous girl (Jada) who was so inspired by my subject Kayla showcased in "Ice Queen". Then spontaneously we had a photo shoot on the roof overlooking the exhibit & no one knew..Well until now :D Just a moment in the life of @CSHOT in his Forever Fly world. Produced x Rich Harrison. Directed x CSHOT. !! Forever Fy !! We A set Di Trend$!! #Bare Tings Stream on all platforms: !! Forever Fly !! 💽 #SayLess 💨 Say Less. Stream on all platforms: Follow : RibahOnTheBeat. Follow | CSHOT

Thursday, February 14, 2019

BbyMutha // D.I.Y [video]

iWanna chain they wanna change mi >>>> Produced x @irockfloyd Directed x @HUEMIDHAUS Director of Photography: Cameron Bordelon & Vincent Jude Chaney. Edited x Cameron Bordelon // @bordelonza Styled by: @bbymutha & @brookesauvage Featuring: @bbymutha @delvay_ @irockfloyd @kindora__ @patraapeachh and little ones! @bbymutha

Jace // ITYB [video]

Jace over the jigga..what...not mad. Youte dem bringing back the timbo beat wave √ #NoOne2Blame. ATL Two9. Produced x Kenny Beats. Directed x High Ideas Production. @retrojace