Monday, April 20, 2009


Nothing like a green dutch full a kush in the morning.. especially the morning of 4/20! I wish you could see and taste this baby, It looks like smokable candy... yeeee! Got a lotta shit to handle b4 I jet up top to Philly so I can't burn too much of this and try to maintain cuz it will not happen! But for all my smokers this day is just for us! CSHOT was supoosed to release his highly anticipated album Forever Fly on 4/20 but about a month or too I Rick Ross announced his 4/21 but Asher Roth decided to drop his Asleep in the bread aisle on 4/20 and due this all shit controversy with Ross and Fif CSHOT is gonna fall back and grind more promo cuz this album deserves the hype, Truss Me!!!!

Anyway this post is for the smokers out there we gotta "Burn One"
So on the count of three..1, 2....
Damn I cheated but it was worth it!

Forever Fly

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Forever Fly 1st Entry

Forever Fly is officially online and there's so much to post I don't even know where to start.  I got dumb new muzik but I think it's best since this is the first post to just kinda let start off slow wit some random crap..why not?  

Jaimie Foxx almost assaulted in philly...Philly goin hard right now stickin up R&B singers all that cuz damn!

Weezy and Cash Money sue Drama and QDIII...DAMN! I thought Weezy authorized those joints that's crazy them dudes is caked up crazy suing niggaz struggling in the recession...Wow but it is CASH MONEY RECORDS..

Plies has a new show call "Goonette".

Rhianna is of course now officially going states evidence...yikes chris! But if anybody didnt think so I got a purple flying saucer to sell ya..

Thanx to hell of a grind ya boy the Macaroni and the cheese French Montana got signed to Konvict and word is M's are involved..."Goon muzik a Run New York"

Jim Jones scans 35,000 1st week...French and Max got a funny vid coming real soon
Wendy Williams airs out Bow Wow???? (did I really post this)

Now I gotta quit see what u did wendy! I'm izzzout the hizzouse