Monday, February 18, 2019

DaBaby // BLANK BLANK [video]

on my way to get a bag/ I'm fuckin up I'm runnin' late >>> yo my son da baby B motivating mi B. Directed x Savani Productions.

Leigh Paris // Wood Grain [video]

my youte got a banger w/ this joint >>>> remember when Shyne rapped ova this riddim & he is from Belize to NY too 6 degrees of separation ? this youte Leigh from Belize in NY reppin' his home of Belize, thats fye >>> vibes. Produced x CAM. Directed x Tareek Young.

Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y // The Life [video]

Wiz he he gettin' "more money today than U seen in your life," I like that bar Wizard x Spitta got it feelin' like 2009 again >>> Stream 2009 here: Produced x Cardo & Sledgren. Directed x CBFOUR.CO. @wizkhalifa @surrensy_spitta

Young M.A // Stubborn Ass [video]

nah 4r my son spits some facts on some real shit from like a dudes perspective speaking to a bad stubborn ass chick w/ the emotion and transparency of a woman. Mind is completely blown just listening, smoking & vibing while watching Bernice Burgos sexy a$$ >>> produced by Hagler & Jordan Lewis. Video directed by Marc Diamond. Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios. Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

Friday, February 15, 2019

@CSHOT // Tell Dem Again πŸ”₯ [video]

@CSHOT //Tell Dem Again from CSHOT on Vimeo.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Visual for the most played song on #BareTings . CSHOT : The visual is a timeline of events from Atlanta where shotta was prepping his art for the the largest gallery exhibit in Atlanta: COi11. Then to Miami where I meet 2 gorgeous women on South Beach Elle & Nicki. Had an extremely spontaneous night wet & wild photoshoot that ended but being portraits to be shown at some point just not now. Then back to Atlanta for #Coi11 that where CSHOT's art (Ice Queen) & (Bu Dream) were prominently displayed amongst some other talented artists. At the exhibit CSHOT met a gorgeous girl (Jada) who was so inspired by my subject Kayla showcased in "Ice Queen". Then spontaneously we had a photo shoot on the roof overlooking the exhibit & no one knew..Well until now :D Just a moment in the life of @CSHOT in his Forever Fly world. Produced x Rich Harrison. Directed x CSHOT. !! Forever Fy !! We A set Di Trend$!! #Bare Tings Stream on all platforms: !! Forever Fly !! πŸ’½ #SayLess πŸ’¨ Say Less. Stream on all platforms: Follow : RibahOnTheBeat. Follow | CSHOT

Thursday, February 14, 2019

BbyMutha // D.I.Y [video]

iWanna chain they wanna change mi >>>> Produced x @irockfloyd Directed x @HUEMIDHAUS Director of Photography: Cameron Bordelon & Vincent Jude Chaney. Edited x Cameron Bordelon // @bordelonza Styled by: @bbymutha & @brookesauvage Featuring: @bbymutha @delvay_ @irockfloyd @kindora__ @patraapeachh and little ones! @bbymutha

Jace // ITYB [video]

Jace over the jigga..what...not mad. Youte dem bringing back the timbo beat wave √ #NoOne2Blame. ATL Two9. Produced x Kenny Beats. Directed x High Ideas Production. @retrojace

Conway × Flee Lord // G Money On The Roof [video]

FACT$ >>> Nino had 2 do G money tho >>> Eat What You Kill #EIF2 Produced x Graymatter. Directed x HDTV & Flee Lord. @conwaythemachine

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kodak Black // Transgression [video]

' nah 4r my son slid on this beat 1K >>> #DyingToLive Produced x Gatian, McKEE & DYRYK. Directed x @Wavyyflash @KodakBlack1K

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Toro y Moi // Ordinary Pleasure [video]

this funky >>> Directed x Mancy Gant. "Ordinary Pleasure" is taken from Toro y Moi's new album, 'Outer Peace,' out now on Carpark Records. Purchase/Stream: Production co: Little Moving Pictures. @toroymoi

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

@CSHOT // B.M.B πŸ”₯ [video]

Shotta pourin 100s out the cereal box is definitely my #MOOD this morning >>> Bare Tings. Produced x Troy McLean & G. Hamilton. Directed x CSHOT. Shot x Kenneth "Dirt' Wallace !! Starring KP,Dirty Dickens Terry Gordon and @BigBlackBiscuit (Yes The Big Black Biscuit that was on the new b/c the banned the BBB #GatLanta logo) via #BareTings @foreverfly_llc !!Forever Fly !! Recorded at TrackHouse Studios ATL, GA x @RibahOnTheBeat ...another new LP produced entirely by @ribahonthebeat on the way too.. 4/20 ... #SayLess !!! Forever Fly !!! #BareTings OUT NOW Follow Dirty Dickens Follow Big Black Biscuit Follow Forever Fy Check out some fly gear for Men x Women designed x @cshot ✖ PrivΓ© Apparel ✖ Collexion Released 4:20 am on 4/20 Forever Fly LLC 2017.

Soulja Boy // Trappin Out Da Mansion [video]

Soulja Boy really shot dem niggaz who ran in his house, got a new singe deal & now a Publishing deal w/ Warner plus all the fuckry, how could U blame SB from thinking he got the biggest comeback of 2019? "How Could You Blame Me?" in stores July 28, 2019. Directed x @colorfulmula @souljaboy

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fat Nick x Shakewell // Pemex [video]

nah 4r 4r this video wicked!!! I don't know if its the awkward eye contact, the parents, Fat Nick, the madness going on in the visual itself, the beat or what but iFux w/ this shit... Big juice overflow #BuffetBoys got 1. Produced x Flexatelli. @FLEXATELLi Directed & Shot x Dan Streit. Video Produced x Adam Talan. @fatnick

21 Savage x J. Cole // a lot [video]

#Free21Savage this my shit rn 4r Dahi smoothed this mf out crazy. I'm sure by now U know that 21 Savage has been arrested by ICE & is scheduled to be deported after being revealed that he is actually born in the UK. The internet has lost its mind that young Savage isn't STR8 from Zone 6. As an immigrant from Jamaica myself str8 to The EastSide of Atlanta I his understand situation more than many other people. Only difference is I never hid the fact I'm Jamaican to assimilate. It's hard not to become engulfed in Atlanta's culture its so rich & dope makes U wanna be a Grazy baby too. Not mi pr say but I understand the ideology behind it. Never the less #Free21Savage & fuck ICE that man need to be back home in the 6. Produced x DJ Dahi. Directed x Aisultan Seitov. @21Savage

KEY! x Kenny Beats // Dig It [video]

this fool Key! killed mi w/ the this claymation outerspace visual >>>> 808s in this bitch go crazy no cap, iDig. ATL 777. Produced x Kenny Beats. Claymation by William Child Follow KEY!: @fatmankey

Friday, February 1, 2019

@CSHOT // II Live [video]

@cshot drops a trippy visual for the @RibahOntheBeat banger via the critically acclaimed #SayLess albumπŸ”₯ OUT NOW!!! A Forever Fly Films presentation @foreverflyfilms !! Forever Fly !! πŸ’½ #SayLess πŸ’¨ Say Less. Stream on all platforms: Follow : RibahOnTheBeat. Follow | CSHOT Released Feb 1st at 4:20. Copyright Forever Fly LLC 2019.

Spree Wilson // The Jealous Song [video]

Spree drops off another feel good record we all can relate to & Cali comes along 4 the ride 4 a 1 take classic visual...that intro funky btw >>> ATL. Words x Spree: One of the hardest choices an ambitious and creative person can make is choosing between a devoted lover or their passions. Life often tells us that we can't have both. so we figured the best way to tell that story was to create something fun, shot in a single take and with a new spin on black couples arguing in music videos. simple enough right? Directed x Artemus Jenkins starring Spree Wilson and Ashley "Cali" Tweed Twitter: Website: