Tuesday, October 1, 2019

@CSHOT 🔥 #TellUSTR8 🔥 [video]

10.01. The birthday of the legend @CSHOT 🔥 #TellUSTR8 🔥 Bombxclxxt shotta let off the wickedness mi a #TellUStr8 9pm 9/9 haffi light up 2 spliff still. This song has been burning up streaming platforms & the visual just brought this tune to life! Good way to celebrate S H O T T A !! Produced x Botchey Beats. Directed x CSHOT. Starring Kool Whip, Dirty Dickens & Jordan Carter !!Forever Fly !! Shot x Kenneth "Dirt' Wallace x @ForeverFlyLLC !! D A N C E H A L L 🇯🇲 V I B E S. Produced x Botchey Beats. Directed & Edited x @CSHOT !! Forever Fy !! We set Trends! 💽 #BareTings https://music.apple.com/us/album/bare-tings/1238100625 Stream on all platforms: https://cshot.hearnow.com Follow | #CSHOT https://twitter.com/cshot https://soundcloud.com/cshot https://cshot.tumblr.com https://instagram.com/cshot_foreverfly https://vimeo.com/cshot https://cshot.bandcamp.com https://youtube.com/cshotta http://foreverfly.tv https://facebook.com/forverfly https://facebook.com/artbycshot #cshot

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