Thursday, November 1, 2018

@CSHOT // Leader πŸ”₯ #ForeverFly [video]

FOREVER FLY debut @CSHOT // "Leader" Produced x Thieven Spillberg. Directed x CSHOT via @foreverfly_llc 404 to 305 for #artbasel +++ via the critically acclaimed "Forever Fly" LP available on iTunes: 11/1/18 @ 11:11pm #cshot is #foreverfly Words x CSHOT: Dedicated to the leaders & talented artists like Kobra, Chaz & Faith, in Miami. My bother Miya Bailey the "Leader" of the Atlanta Renaissance w/ the city of ink crew Corey Davis x Tuki Carter x Samba Sillah (R.I.P) Eman Merizier x Dennis Byron aka Ale Sharpton x Tyrone "Red" Cooley x Danger Dave x Hebru Brantley x Greg Mike x GripPlyaz (R.I.P) Two 9 x Go Dreamer x Brittany Slam x Paper Frank x Chilly-o x Chris Davis, Mister Soul 216 x Artemus Jenkins x Dr.Dax, OBey, GIANT ", Motion Family x Rashad Suede x MR Brainwwash and much respect to Pharrell for getting me in the Murakami exhibit thrill of my life x the "Alberto Linero" gallery where iSaw some of the best art my eyes have ever seen...iHit the beach met some chix...all x and all another memorable chapter in my life...2 SHARE w/U. Forever Fly. #SHOTTA Support Talented independent artists!!! Support Talented independent artists!!! @cshot // #SayLess OUTNOW!! #SmokedOutSundays #FREE mixtapes here too!!! @cshot #BareTings OUT NOW!! (Dancehall/Reggae) #cshot #Shotta !!!

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