Monday, March 12, 2018

Gucci Mane // No Pad No Pencil DVD (HOOD AFFAIRS TV 2007) [video]

woke up in my bag & wanted to see some of the raw DVD's I used to watch religiously when iWas a jit b4 youtube. I'm a take U from Zone 6 to the Screwston , TX. This was the real days that $100 haircut days when BMF was feeding the streets of the A & we were all eating & on all dat fuck shit...#RIP to Black Magik. Remember this like yesterday, Gucci booked Patchwerk Studios to record a freestyle mixtape & DVD (which cost a check) & created a legendary moment in time. OJ the Juiceman was fresh out the trenches & Waka was only a shooter/hypeman This is far from the polished Wop U know & love now. This was the skreet nigga Gucci.

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