Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Uncle Murda // Rap Up 2017 [video]

LMAo"its that time a year again, the rap up, ayy Yo nobody wanna hear mad skillz shit," OMFG he's right >>>> Uncle Murda has officially strong-armed the Rap Up from Mad Skillz w/ more facts, quotables & disrespectful bars than I've heard in my life...crazy, crazy, shit crazy & even worse the beat even way more wicked. This fool Skillz spit his "Rap Up" on the "Power" Big Rich Town instrumental flip -__- that aint it B. Uncle murda just showed U in real life never get too comfortable. This is 9 minutes long all fye, I'll spare U, just peep the cut. Word on the streets Lenny Grant also made $1M off Bitcoin & he's got a new deal, applaud that man. "Don't Come Outside" The Mixtape Out NoW!!! Produced x Myles William & Master Neek. @uncleMurda


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