Thursday, October 5, 2017

Witchitaw Slim // Edmund Pettus [video]

Forever Fly always keep our ear 2 the streets & got another MC 2 watch 4...Alabama's own Witchitaw Slim. Judgingby the title of the song and video location the man knows his black history...some homework for tonight kids...comment & let mi know the historical significance of "Edmund Pettus" bridge ..iPut it up for that reason 1st and he spit truth in his rhymes ...beat ridin' 2. I'm here 4 it. Tell em Forever Fly put U on game. Produced x SaveMe. Directed & Edited x RollinProductions (@Rollin_aJay) 's debut EP "Creative Junkie" OUT NOW on Soundcloud (link below). Creative Junkie:

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