Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cash Money // The Lost Files [video]

The Lost Files From Cash Money Millioniare's Slim x Birdman x Fresh x Juvie x BG (FREE BG) x Turk x Wayne together..wow...this seems like a lifetime ago but these were the good ol days ...damn that original Juvie "Soulja Rag" video & did U peep the "Stuntin'" video when crime pulled the range up w/ half a million in the trunk >>> respect 2 turk for posting this. So much shit done went down w/ Cash Money Records that it makes you forget the come up...just youtes from the ghetto w/ a dream & a plan to make a million & they did that ++++ gotta respect that. Crazy to see Atlanta during Freaknik right...Wish BG was home..smh.. This is dope.

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