Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TheCoolisMac // SKLZ [video]

"Who aint in Decatur? got me bent," >>>> & this got Dept Store footage (black fist emoji) Jah know that was my spot many good nights in there...fuck miggaz got it shut down said we bunn too much ganja in that bitch ..Fuck whoever snitched on them. Got some fye photos of Mac x Quentin x Tuki from back N the days...may pull that out the archives ..This joint too fye! Decaaaatur ... if U aint up on that tape yet u sleep...snoring. Directed by: Jason Lindner / Highdeas Productions "SKLZ" Produced By: CardoGotWings #1317 R.I.P. Dept. Store Listen to #Decatur x more thecoolismac music @: https://soundcloud.com/thecoolismac-1 Follow that fool on twitter he a wild youte.. https://twiter.com/thecoolismac

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