Sunday, December 9, 2012

@CSHOT x DJ Burn One // Motion Picture [video]

thats tuFF #SHoTTa!!!! FOREVERFLY exclusive: @cshot "MoTioN PiCTuRe" produced by the iNCReDiBLe production team of @DjBuRnOne x FiVe POiNTs MuSiC GRouP @theprofessoratl @gorickygo @waltlive diRected by RaSHad Suede & FoReVeR FLy FiLMs off THE cRiTically acclaimed "MaSTeRPieCe" mixtape LP available exclusively on: #NiCe FroM FaR...FaR FroM NiCe 12.12.12 #FoReVeRFLy

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